1 Lesson that I Learnt From Russell Brunson

s a serial entrepreneur myself, I totally get you. I know what it’s like to see something and immediately have so many crazy fun ideas that you just want to jump straight into doing it.That’s okay for some, but I quickly learnt that this was something that I shouldn’t keep doing when I ran across Russell Brunson and his funnel hacking movement. Utilising technology, he empowers people to spread their message and build their wealth. It’s truly amazing. I have invested almost $10,000 in his trainings alone, because I think it’s worth it and it works. Out of all the training, I think this one lesson that I learnt from Russell Brunson is especially valuable.

Stick To One Thing

Make one funnel, create one offer and make $1 Million before attempting to move on to other things.

I know how crazy it can sound to stick to something and work on it when there’s a million other things out there to try, especially when you can think of so many new solutions and innovations to add to the world, jumping from business model to business model and venture to venture but when you do that, you lose focus.

Do you even know what you stand for anymore? You see the next shiny big thing and just jump on it. Do you want to be known as just that?

Try sticking to something.

Create an offer so irresistible that there’s no way that people won’t want it. You see, there’s a method to it. It’s called hook, story and offer. Put a hook on your offer so people will be interested, then share your story. People buy emotionally, not logically. Then finally, throw out your kick-ass offer.

After that, you can lead them down your funnel.

Want to know more about this funnel business? While this 1 lesson that I learnt from Russell Brunson is extremely valuable, there's a lot more that I wish to elaborate on. Click the link below


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