6 ways to improve traffic to your website

Traffic is a big deal for any business. The more traffic you have, the better your chances are of converting visitors into customers and making sales. And if you want to grow your business online, then it's important that you do everything in your power to attract as much traffic as possible.

Of course, we all know that content is king, yet producing quality content that's unique, and shareable, is just one of the many ways to bringing numbers your way.

What is website traffic?

Website traffic indicates how many people visit your website. You can find both the number of page views and the number of unique page views with the help of the analytics tools (e.g: Google Analytics).

Page views are the total number of times anyone has visited your site, while unique page views show how many people visited your site on a single day. By default, you should be able to see this breakdown from analytic platform such as Google Analytics.

This brings to mind the ultimate question: What drives traffic in the first place? Where can you get a good traffic source?

Many experts and marketing strategists have offered a variety of different solutions to this question, such as hashtags, content marketing, content sharing and publishing your content on the right social media channels etc. etc.

This is all dependent as well on a variety of factors, like the nature of your content, and the type of website you have.

So, what are the best ways to improve traffic? As said before, there is no golden goose that will drive you the ultimate amount of traffic every time. Instead, to help you out and give your content a boost in the traffic department, we compiled for you six great ways that are guaranteed to work.

1. Get a domain name that is memorable, contain keywords and easy to type in search engines like Google

Helps to avoid confusion with another domain name, keeps your name in their mind, try using a common word or phrase and giving it a twist.

Names such as 'Google' and 'Yahoo!' are so memorable that they've become integrated into our linga franca–– or, 'common language'.

Your website's name is the face of your brand, and having a unique and fun name will ensure that your brand stays longer in your audience's minds than your competitors which indirectly increase your web traffic.

A good web name should also prevent any misreadings, or clear any confusion from similar-sounding phrases that may have completely different connotations. Take for example:

  • mp3shits.com: mp3s Hits
  • Speedofart.com : Speed of Art
  • Dicksondata.com : Dickson data
  • kidsexchange.net : Kids Ex-Change
  • Ladrape.com : La Drape!
  • Hireatease.com: Hire at Ease

You get the picture, right?

Try taking a common noun, or phrase, and giving it a fun twist!

You might end up with something unique, and memorable that might just fit into our everyday jargon. Don't forget, everyone Google everything avoid domain is hard to type or too long.

2. Create unique blog post for your website that focus on conversions

'Content is King'

We hear this phrase everywhere, but what does it truly mean? It means that your content is what keeps your audience coming back for more, and it's something that cannot be smoked or fluffed.

Being able to rise through the noise of news, viral videos, and online discourse is a valuable skill that needs to be honed and sharpened if you want your website traffic to consistently grow.

Having fresh, and unique content, SEO-focused (search engine optimization) and easily digestible, can help to drive your traffic.

This also comes from knowing your audience well and filling in the gaps of information that they hold. While having relevant content is also important, stay away from rehashed content, and long-winded paragraphs.

Having a catchy, clickable title also helps to draw your readers in.

You can consider writing guest posts on trustworthy websites.

A guest post can increase website traffic, lead generation, and word-of-mouth recognition all at the same time.

3. Use social media marketing platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to get more followers

Social media platform has the power to change your life, for the better.

If you're using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for personal purposes, take it one step further with content marketing tools on business accounts, which can help you to track your engagement and post-performance.

By doing so, you're able to fine tune your content, hashtags, and build a niche audience that can be redirected to your website, thus driving further traffic.

4. Build up your email list by giving away freebies in exchange for their email address using marketing or advertising campaign

Email addresses are gold to any content marketer. You can track your content, notify them of upcoming content drops and most importantly send an email when you have something for sale.

For effective email marketing, it's important to build a list of potential customers who want what you're selling with freebies in exchange for their contact information. This way they are targeted with content that they are interested in.

How do you do that?

Build content around what your ideal customer would want to read and be interested in. The hook comes by including a sign-up form on the content or landing page for newsletter subscriptions.

From there, your pop-up should ask people if they're interested in receiving more content like this, and update them when new content is available. Take it a step further by making some of your content available only to subscribers.

Chances are, you'll be able to get a few hundred people to subscribe with this content marketing strategy.

That will help you grow your customer list and create content that is relevant, engaging, and targeted to the person reading it or looking at it.

This content should also be aimed at attracting traffic from search engines by including keywords in the title of posts, within your content, and in your image content.

5. Make sure you have an attractive banner/logo on the homepage of your site 

Getting a visually pleasing logo for your content is one of the key (and underrated) steps to driving web traffic. It can also help to draw more people to your website, hence it's important to make sure that you've got one.

Your content will take up space in search results, so if people can't find your site by looking at the banner or thumbnail image, they'll click elsewhere.

A good logo should be bold, simple, stand out from other content in search results, and have a professional look that makes people want to click it.

Draw their attention with colors, shapes, or graphics if needed. However, you should also keep things basic, as anything too gaudy or colorful can result in the opposite effect. Keep to a small color palette, and a simple design.

6. Link back to other websites with similar content as yours

So it looks like you are part of a network rather than just one person's personal blog

Don't forget to get content up on social media too. This can be more difficult than it sounds because you're competing with thousands of other businesses.

But if you do manage to create some good content that engages the viewer then there's a better chance they will click through and visit your site.

Use content-sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, or Facebook to start connecting your audience members. As a consumer, there's no danger to having more content, especially when presented in a different way.

Utilize infographics and visuals for Pinterest and Instagram, and catchier titles for Facebook or Reddit. Ultimately, it should be a seamless experience for content to be shared from any content-sharing site to your website.

How do you start drawing links between your multiple platforms?

Start with content marketing by creating content that engages potential customers and readers, driving them back to your site for more information about what you offer or how they can subscribe if it's an informational blog post.

Use your network to leave an irresistible trail of breadcrumbs by simultaneously creating and patching holes of information across your platforms. It will only be a matter of time before your traffic starts to pick up.


Having sufficient traffic on your website is key to any business. To increase your traffic, content marketing is the way to go.

The more content you provide in a variety of formats with consistent messaging will help improve and sustain the growth of your business online.

But, as we learned before, that is not the only way. Domain names, Logos, and Email lists can also go a long way in helping you drive your traffic exponentially.


How to calculate Website Traffic Growth

Monthly Growth Rate = [unique page views from current month - unique page views from previous month] / unique page views from previous month X 100%

How long does it take for a new website to get traffic?

It depends on the type of traffic, niche, website and region you are at.

You can get your first few visitors from your social media following or other referral channels.

Direct and organic website traffic will take longer to build up. But if you invest in SEO, you can expect to see significant traffic bumps in 3-6 months after the campaign started.


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