Apr 2, 2020

3 Quick Tips to Build your Personal Branding Online


ersonal branding is literally the magic solution to being successful in your business, and I say this with confidence. Did you know it is proven that content shared on a personal account is guaranteed to have a higher conversion rate than the same content shared on a company account? In this digital world, people are the most connected but disconnected they’ve ever been, so they crave connection. And it’s really difficult to feel connected and loyalty towards a brand that they just see as a corporation. Therefore, I've come up with 3 quick tips that will help you build your personal branding online.

It’s time you re-evaluated your personal branding

Position your brand

Pick a market you want to be known for. Nobody is an expert at everything. If you’re the Jack of all trades, you’re also the master of none and nobody will look towards a person who is mediocre at everything when they need help. They will go to the most qualified and wise person in that specific field.

Go in-depth. Sure, you’re in the finance market but there are many aspects to it. Are you doing insurance? Insurance itself, is also very broad. Go deeper. Let’s say you position yourself as an insurance agent who specialises in plans ONLY for pregnancies and infants. See how that just adds to your credibility and knowledge in this subject matter? 🎓

They say, the best restaurant serves only ONE dish.

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Start planning and putting out content

The number one excuse for most people is that they don’t know what content to put out. To that, I only have one simple advice - look around you

We’re living in a digital world. Content is being put out every single day. Just look online and study what other people are doing.

But Wilson… isn’t this stealing?

It is… if you just put out the same content. Make it 1% better. Add your own personality, thoughts and opinions to it. You see, nothing is ever 100% original now. Content is always built on other content.

Build your own content on other people’s content.

Create a system

It’s going to be difficult to put out consistent content…unless you create a system. In the world of social media, you are always forgettable and replaceable. The only way to stay relevant is to keep posting. Keep appearing in people’s feeds!

A system will save you time and allow you to embark on other endeavours.

Your biggest asset is yourself. Start using it and create your personal branding online. Use these 3 quick tips and I guarantee your reach will widen,


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Wilson Komala

Wilson is strategist who gravitate towards having detailed planning and strategic research for his clients to help them achieve the maximum results within a short period of time. He work across organisations and internal teams, ensuring that he's aligned on why they do what they do and focusing on sustainability and scalability.