Feb 4, 2020

Foodieview (Singapore): Commons - Asian Western Fusion

Commons - Asian Western Fusion

The Story

Commons started out with a simple mission in mind - to provide a space for people from all walks of life to come together and revel in happy moments over good food. Now, isn't that the goal in life, though? To build happy memories with the people you care about. Add in good food to the mix and you've got me. When you've a big group to accommodate, every single person has a preference that they'd prefer and if you're a people pleaser like myself, you simply want to make everyone happy. Some might want western cuisine and some might prefer asian food. Here at Commons, you'll be served the best of both worlds - an asian western fusion!

The Place

Commons is located in Jewel, where you get a great view of the underside of the indoor waterfall. In daylight, it's breathtakingly elegant and at night, it's lit up in all sorts of colours.

It's extremely spacious with lots of seating. There are some seats closer to the indoor waterfall and it acts as a great backdrop for a photo. True to their name, you needn't worry if you're coming here with a big group to celebrate and create memories, because they truly are quite spacious. The restaurant is quite open but there are more intimate seatings near the waterfall where there is a slight partition. The staff are also extremely friendly, attentive and quick on their feet.

The Menu

We got ourselves quite a spread - The Meat Feast, Lamb Wanton Tacos and some waffles with ice cream.

The Meat Feast consisted of sticky lamb ribs, satay chicken griller, rib-eye and Italian chicken sausages accompanied with baked sweet potato, baby carrots and vine tomatoes. While it doesn't sound like much, it actually serves 3 - 4 pax! When it arrived, its sheer size only further cemented its status as a 3 - 4 pax dish. It came on a wooden platter and everything was piled beautifully, with a satay peanut sauce dish. The sticky lamb ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and did not have the gaminess that usually came with lamb dishes. The chicken griller was juicy and seasoned well. I especially liked it with the satay sauce. The rib-eye was amazing as well. We had it medium and it was juicy, tender and melted in our mouths. Initially, we felt it kind of weird to have a sweet potato as an accompaniment in the dish but with everything else being so savoury and full of umami flavours, the sweet potato gave a nice break and its sweetness cuts through it all, cleansing your palette and preparing you for the next savoury bite.

The Lamb Wanton Tacos were messy but it was 100% worth the mess. They used a sauce with the tacos that was slightly sour, which paired very well with the creaminess of the lamb. Every mouthful kept us wanting more. We especially loved the shell of the tacos. It was perfection when paired with the creamy and tender mouthfeel of the lamb. That little crunch really gave us a little more variety and changed the game for us.

The waffles with ice cream was intimidating, especially after the heavy meal we just had. We were all feeling slightly full and when the waffles arrived, we wondered if we were able to finish all of that. However, when we took the first bite, our worries were quelled. The waffles were fluffy and the ice cream was creamy and thick. You can never go wrong with ice cream and waffles and this waffle ice cream combo definitely impressed us. Before we knew it, we had essentially cleared the entire plate, ending the meal off on a sweet note.

Commons specialised in Asian Western fusion food and that really shone in their dishes, with subtle and surprising asian influences in stereotypical western dishes, such as the little satay sauce in the meat platter and use the of wanton in the tacos! The restaurant's ambience was great. The food was great. I had nothing to complain about my entire experience. Commons has solidified itself as a great hangout in my opinion, especially for huge celebrations!.

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Jewel, 78 Airport Blvd, #B1 - 289 - 290, Singapore 819666 (Nearest MRT Changi Airport)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 10:00AM - 10:00PM



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