Feb 4, 2020

Foodieview (Singapore): Fatburger - Huge Delicious Burgers

Fatburger - Huge Delicious Burgers

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The Story

Fatburger is not a new brand. In fact, they have been here since 1952 all the way in America with their huge delicious burgers! They weren't always a huge franchise with outlets all over the globe. In fact, they started out as a simple hamburger stand - and it was called Mr. Fatburger. After separating from her partner, Lovie Yancey, the founder, persevered to keep things going and she decided to drop the "Mr.", hence, Fatburger was born! We love an independent strong woman!

What Fatburger is known for since their beginning was their custom-made burgers. They understand everyone has different preferences when it comes to burgers and it's great that you have a place that is dedicated to serving you personalised burgers just for you! In fact, Fatburger was so popular that even celebrities visited them and their regular customers requested that they remain open at night! I totally relate. I wish I could get all my favourite food to remain open till night too.

Other than the option to customise our burgers, what really got us what that they only use traditional cooking methods and the freshest ingredients during the cooking process. It's one thing to enjoy the meal but another to feel rest assured that you are putting only quality stuff into your body.

The Place

Fatburger is located right in front of an escalator from the MRT and it's bright red and yellow theme really caught my eye. Its design resembles an American diner very much and I quite enjoy the fun and casual vibe I'm getting.

The restaurant is decently sized and looks to be able to fit in 50 - 60 people. The staff are all extremely welcoming and friendly.

The Menu

Fatburger's menu is simple and really easy to understand. They have a large illustration of what goes in their burger - tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, relish, mustard, mayo, the patty and finally the buns! If you don't want any of these ingredients, you can simply voice your preference. You can even opt to add cheese, bacon, eggs, onions rings or chilli for a price!

I ordered their original burger with the beef patty and another one with chicken. I also ordered their chilli cheese fries, onion rings, and had some milkshakes! Their original burger was thick and juicy. I really enjoyed the burger. It really lived up to the name "Fatburger" because it was truly fat! Honestly, I had a hard time finishing one burger on my own and I was glad I had friends to share this with.

The chicken burger was great as well. Usually with burgers, you expect the beef one to taste better and have better mouthfeel but honestly, the chicken burger didn't lose out! The chilli cheese fries were a great side to the burgers. I loved the chilli cheese combo that they used. However, what shocked me most were the onion rings! I love onion rings and I have very high standard of onions rings but the ones at Fatburger really blew my mind. It was crispy and the onion taste really pulled through. Many onion rings have the onion taste masked but this one was delicious. Before long, I had finished them all!

The milkshakes were decadent and sweet but not overly sweet. It was also a nice break from all the savoury goodness at the table. I now have a go-to place for huge delicious burgers, especially if I feel like treating myself a little. By the end of the meal, my burger cravings were definitely satiated and we were all stuffed. However, if you're not really feeling up to have a heavy meal and want something lighter, you'll be glad to know that Fatburger serves gourmet hotdogs as well. Their hotdogs come in 2 flavours - the Classic Hot Dog and the Chilli Cheese Dog, loaded with chilli, minced beef and shredded cheddar cheese. A recurring theme in Fatburger, the hotdogs are open for customisation where you can remove or add on additional toppings to your liking. While we didn't try the hotdogs this round, we had no doubt that it will taste just as good as their burgers and made a mental note to come back again to try their chicken sausage hotdogs.

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Velocity @ Novena Square, #01-08/09, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683 (Nearest MRT Novena - two stop away from Orchard MRT)

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Kinex Mall, #01-70/71/72 ,11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157157 (Nearest MRT Paya Lebar)

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Mon - Fri:
11AM - 10PM
Sat, Sun & PH:
10AM - 10PM

Tampines Food Co., #01-05, 10 Tampines North Drive 4, Singapore 52855353 (Nearest MRT Tampines)

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