Feb 4, 2020

Foodieview (Singapore): NeNe Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken

NeNe Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken

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The Story

I love fried chicken but I hate it so much at the same time because it’s so sinful but too delicious to resist. Fried chicken is just one of those things that make me happy when I’m having a bad day but I immediately regret the next day. There are several variations of fried chicken and recently Korean fried chicken has been all the rage. I can’t blame people for trending it because I personally find it extremely yummy too. Korean fried chicken is usually dripping in Korean sauces or sprinkled with seasoning to give the flavour an oomph. Fried chicken is already plenty savoury and flavourful by itself. Imagine drowning it in sauces of your like - soy, spicy and more. Recently, one brand has caught my eye not only with their delicious Korean fried chicken but their recently released amazing side dishes on the menu, such as their Sundubu Jigae, Japchae, Chicken Skin and more!

NeNe Chicken was originally opened in South Korea is 1999. Their name comes from the word “ne” in Korean, meaning “yes”. This expression is often used by Koreans to reflect their willingness to put the best effort in any kind of situation with a positive mind, which reflects their sincerity in putting their hearts into making the best food for their customers.

Besides this, their unique selling point is actually in the way they prepare their chicken. I’m sure we all know how unhealthy, oily and greasy fried chicken is. Adding sauce into the mix only makes it worse! However, with NeNe Chicken, At NeNe Chicken, their secret is through their batter-dip process where oil does not seep into the chicken meat, hence keeping the meat juicy and the batter crispy. While keeping the meat and batter in pristine condition, it also makes it less oily and less sinful to consume!

The Place

I went down to NeNe Chicken’s Tampines Hub outlet. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the Tampines Hub outlet is the ONLY outlet that serves their new side dishes, inclusive of Japchae, Sundubu Jigae, Chicken Skin, Tteokbokki and other interesting drinks. Located in a corner, the place was spacious enough to fit maybe 20 people but I can definitely foresee a crowd during lunch and dinner time. Their service was impeccable. The service staff were all smiles and introduced their new menu items confidently. The kitchen was an open concept, and I could see the chefs preparing my fried chicken with skill and ease. The ambience of the place made me feel comfortable. It was definitely a casual place and NeNe Chicken definitely seems popular among students.

The Food

I might have went all out and ordered a huge feast. I ordered fried chicken (of course), some Japchae, a Sundubu Jigae, Chicken Skin and some Tenders as well.

For the tenders, I got the snowing cheese flavour and went for soy for the fried chicken. The Japchae came with curly fries and the Sundubu Jigae came with a bowl of rice. The food came with gloves and wet tissues, which really encouraged me to just go for the food, despite the mess. The snowing cheese tenders came peppered with cheese powder. The tenders were sized appropriately - not bite sized but not too big to discourage you from eating it. When have chicken and cheese not ended up good together? The snowing cheese tenders were delicious and extremely addictive.

The Japchae was good as well. The generous portion of Japchae was slightly oily which made the potato noodles really silky. It glides down the throat super easily but too much can make you feel surfeit, which is why the side of curly fries was a good choice. In between mouthfuls of rich silky and oily Japchae, you have the crispy and savoury curly fries. They really thought through their menu well.

The Sundubu Jigae was great as well. The Sundubu Jigae came with tofu, potato noodles and clams. The portion was generous, especially with the rice as a side. The soup was savoury, hearty and I enjoyed it very much. Do enjoy it when it’s still hot.

Finally, the fried chicken came next. They soy chicken was doused with sauce but it wasn’t too much or too sweet and as usual, their chicken was cooked to order. The chicken is as good as I remember. Initially, I came into this feeling like the new menu items, which were the sides, wouldn’t leave much of an impression on me and would be overshadowed by the chicken but the sides provided something new for when you’re not really feeling like you want to have Korean fried chicken. Want some hearty soup? Get the Sundubu Jigae. Want a quick, easy stir fry? Get the Japchae! Not to mention, they also have Tteokbokki and Chicken Skin to order and share with your friends. Next time you stop by Tampines Hub, do go down to NeNe Chicken to try out their menu. I know I would!

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NeNe Chicken
Our Tampines Hub, 51 Tampines Ave 4, Singapore 520940 (Nearest MRT Tampines)



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