Nov 9, 2019

Foodieview (Singapore): Paddyfolks

Paddyfolks - Flavourful Rice Boxes

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The Story

I love rice. Who doesn't? It's extremely versatile, easy to cook and it pairs well with almost everything, be it fish, meat or vegetables! For asians, rice is often a staple in our diet and for some, it's even the first solid food they're given as a toddler. The founders of Paddyfolks were no different and that is why they have dedicated themselves to serving flavourful rice boxes to their customers. As fellow asians, they adored rice, hence the name "Paddyfolk", with "paddy" referring to a field where rice is grown or rice before threshing. While there definitely are other places that serve rice boxes or rice bowl, don't be fooled, because Paddyfolks is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill rice box shop. Here's where things get interesting.

Paddyfolks decided that they wanted to veer off the course of just providing plain white rice and instead experimented with flavoured rice. I love drizzling gravy or sauces over my rice. The fluffy and addictive texture of rice paired with the savoury flavours of the gravy or sauces is simply the best and they definitely share this sentiment because with the flavoured rice they provide, every mouthful is a consistent specific flavour, based on which flavoured rice you choose out of their menu.

Of course, with rice boxes, you definitely can't forget the side dishes. The founders decided that they definitely wanted to include their favourites in the menu and so you have your protein like your fried chicken, duck breast, tofu and many more. If you think they're only dedicated to their rice, you'll be surprised to find that they did put in considerable effort in their side dishes as well. A huge recommendation of theirs is their Signature Fried Chicken Thigh. One of the founders actually studied abroad for a short period of time and in his time in the US, he cultivated a love for fried chicken. When he set out to open Paddyfolks, he wanted to share his love for fried chicken. Paddyfolks actually R&D'd their own fried chicken recipe. While they took influences from the south, they definitely didn't forget their strongly rooted love and appreciation for Asian flavours. They sought to mix the two flavours in a perfect harmony and thus their Signature Fried Chicken Thigh was created!

The Place

Paddyfolks is tucked in a cozy corner in Funan Mall, in the heart of the city, but you definitely can't miss it. The eye-catching yellow dining establishment certainly calls out to you. Right beside the ordering counter, a large mural of a giant rice bowl was put on display. (I told you they loved their rice!) Upon closer inspection, it's actually made out of many squares which could be flipped over to reveal a rice fact or a rice quote. I loved this interactive art piece. It's engaging, fun, information and actually a really cute place to take some Instagram photos.

Entering the place, the floor plan resembled an L-shape but it was not overly squeezy. The amount of seats were decent but I could definitely see a possibility of having to wait for seats during peak hours like lunch or dinner time. Luckily, the served their food in rice boxes which could very easily be purchased as a take away. Overall, the restaurant emitted a casual and fun vibe and it was well-lit. They had counter seats as well facing a transparent glass wall, perfect for people watching as you enjoy your rice box.

The Menu

I ordered their signature fried chicken with the garlic butter rice. It came with a sous vide egg that was extremely welcome. Fried chicken is not something special in Singapore. There are fast food chains, hawkers and restaurants doing fried chicken and most of them are okay but Paddyfolks' fried chicken had that something special that kept me wanting more. It was done in a style that's distinctively western but had that familiar asian taste you remember but can't quite put your finger on. While it has the same vibes as a har cheong gai fried chicken, it tastes even better than that! Not to mention, the rice was deliciously and evenly mixed with the garlic butter. It was savoury, fluffy and soft. In fact, I could eat the rice alone! It was that flavourful. When I paired it with the chicken, it was a whole new experience and flavour profile. I liked that despite mixing the two savoury components together, it wasn't overly salty. The flavours harmonised together and I never wanted it to end. I savoured this rice box and if I were working nearby, I could see myself coming down often for a meal. In fact, I think I might come down just to satisfy my cravings of Paddyfolks' flavourful rice boxes.

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107 North Bridge Rd, #02-37/38 Funan Mall, Singapore (Nearest MRT City Hall)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 11:00AM - 9:30PM

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