Nov 9, 2019

Foodieview (Singapore): The Modern Izakaya

The Modern Izakaya - Yakitori and Drinks

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The Story

The Modern Izakaya is a contemporary Japanese Bar opened by the same owners of Tatsu and Kome Bar that was started as a drinking joint with a Japanese touch in the food and beverage choices. Singapore's night life is nothing to scoff at, and for many, a perfect night entails of a friendly gathering in a bar, sharing some bar bites and chatting over drinks. With its central location and interesting concept, The Modern Izakaya seemed like a place worthy of a visit. Izakayas are essentially Japanese taverns – drinking houses with a menu of small dishes for snacking while drinking and The Modern Izakaya seemed like it had chosen the perfect name for itself, serving up yakitori and drinks!

The Place

The Modern Izakaya is encompassed within a special glasshouse bar with an alfresco dining area. The Modern Izakaya chic interior provides a comfortable atmosphere for gatherings while its outdoor area is poised for the perfect night of drinking under the stars. In the restaurant, there was also a show kitchen which features a Japanese imported grill that uses Bincho Charcoal for its kushiyaki. I personally preferred the alfresco dining area. Something about drinking under the stars and beautiful fairy lights that just creates the perfect intimate and romantic atmosphere, whether you're there with your friends or your partner.

The Menu

The Modern Izakaya had a wide selection of alcohol and we were absolutely spoilt for choice. They had whisky, sakes, shochu, wines, liquor and beer. I personally picked a sparkling yuzu sake. It was light, slightly gassy and had the tangy sweetness of yuzu. I loved it. It was a great drink to start the night off and would be a perfect pairing for the food we were about to order. We ordered some yakitori skewers, with each skewer priced at $3++. We felt it was quite reasonable. To fill our stomachs, we also ordered a grilled squid and some maki.

The yakitori skewers were all amazing, It was perfectly seasoned with their in-house teriyaki sauce, which wasn't sickeningly sweet like some other yakitori places in Singapore. I especially loved the quail egg. It looked innocuous enough, but the egg was actually done lava egg style, where the inside was soft and mushy. It popped in my mouth and the savoury yolk spilled over. I had to order 2 more skewers of it but had absolutely no regrets. As we drank and chatted, we unknowingly finished the yakitori! It was truly the perfect accompaniment to our drinks.

The grilled squid was great too. It did not have the fishy smell that comes with seafood that wasn't fresh. We squeezed a bit of lemon over the squid and that was that. It was sweet and the texture was great - not too chewy and dense. It was addictive even!

The maki was great. We ordered something that came with cheese and usually restaurants aren't very generous with the cheese that they provide over their food but this maki was different. The cheese was generous and deliciously savoury. The Modern Izakaya truly thought over their food choices very carefully, because each and every food we ate seemed to pair with the alcohol perfectly. I will definitely be coming back with my friends to spend the night with yakitori and drinks. Usually with bars, you don't end up very full but with The Modern Izakaya, you can even order rice bowls and with their extensive menu of yakitori and maki, you can be rest assured that you can fill yourself up and go crazy with the huge alcohol menu with your friends!

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The Modern Izakaya
30 Victoria Street #01-18 Singapore 187996 (Nearest MRT City Hall)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 12:00PM - 2:30PM, 6:00PM - 10:30PM

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