Jul 25, 2019

High Converting Email Marketing: What is Email Marketing?


mail marketing is a kind of Internet marketing that allows the user to send customized messages in the form of an email to their readers to inform, advertising, or to solicit certain actions from their readers. Duh, right? Well, when it's comes to high converting email marketing, there actually might be more to that than just sending a message to a list of people to get them to take action - be it to buy a product, sign up for a membership or others.

There are certain essential components of email marketing that include:

Message automation

• HTML responsive layout

• Advance list maintenance

• CAN-SPAM compliance built-in

• An easy integration

• A dedicated IP address

• Help for deliverability

Message Automation

The message automation is the feature of email marketing that allows you to send different emails in response to a particular action. If a consumer just signed up for a discount, they will receive an automatic welcome message that will serve as a confirmation of the subscription. Message automation can also be set up to send proof of orders when someone makes a purchase on your website.

HTML Responsive Layout

The HTML Responsive layout will allow you to send customized emails in plain text or HTML format. It also allows you to make use of HTML and CSS to create responsive templates that can adapt to all devices in the world.

This makes email marketing campaigns capable of being read on mobile devices. The good part is that you don’t have to learn how to code HTML because this feature is automatically loaded with the software.

Advanced List Maintenance

This feature allows you to add and remove email subscribers from your list quickly. You can use this feature to automate subscription and opt-outs. It helps you keep your email lists updated.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

This is a feature that is designed to check compliance with the unsolicited pornography and marketing, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This act has given the United States Federal Trade Commission the right to enforce all necessary standards to protect email owners from unsolicited contents like pornography.

Easy Integration Feature

This feature allows for the integration of other services into your email marketing campaign. You can incorporate your e-commerce website with your email campaigns through this feature, and you can also include several mobile apps, loyalty programs, and social media apps to your email marketing campaign.

You can connect Google analytics to your email campaign through Easy Integration feature so you can track the clicks on your email, as well as incorporating product recommendation features into the email, through the use of this feature.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is incredibly essential for the integrity of your email. This IP address should be one that is solely dedicated to your business, and it should be the only one used to send emails to potential customers. Your email recipients will have peace of mind when they receive your emails with this dedicated IP address.


Deliverability is a feature that is included in an email marketing software that ensures that your emails are delivered to the right place. If your emails aren't delivered, then your marketing strategy just won't work. This features constantly deploys the tools that you need to track down deliverability issues with your emails.

And these are the features you can utilise and capitalise on in email marketing. If you wish to re-discover the beauty and versatility of email marketing, you can download our free e-book on high converting email marketing or sign up for our affiliate bootcamp if you'd like!


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