Apr 7, 2020

Never Run out of Content Ever Again


his is how you never run out of content ever again

Long Form Content

You just need one long-form content. It can be in any format, whether it’s a video or a blog post. When you have that one, then the real fun can begin. You see, one piece of content can be broken up into many pieces and converted into different formats. Let’s say you have a video. What is the topic you’re discussing in the video? Turn it into a blog post.

From there, you can even split up the blog post into smaller articles, each dedicated to a specific point you mentioned in the longer blog post.

Go deeper. Take a quote from the article and do up some graphics. You can then post this on other social media platforms!

You can even extract audio from the video to post it as a podcast.

Cater to Different Needs

The thing about people is that everyone has different preferences when it comes to consuming content. Some people enjoy listening while others prefer to read. Therefore, it’s really good to keep in mind how you can present the same content in different formats

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Snip Snip

Your content might be 5 minute long. In that 5 minutes, some of it might resonate strongly with people and others might not. Not everyone is going to enjoy every single minute of your content and that’s okay. Are you going to throw away the entire video if people don’t love every minute?


You take the part that people love and emphasize it. You re-present it in different formats. Let’s say that people really love a quote you mentioned in the video. You can’t make another video of yourself just saying the quote... That would be ridiculous!

Make a quote graphic.

One piece of content can give you several other pieces.

As a business, putting out content consistently will help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Start putting out content today. Now that you know how to never run out of content ever again, what's stopping you?


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Wilson Komala

Wilson is strategist who gravitate towards having detailed planning and strategic research for his clients to help them achieve the maximum results within a short period of time. He work across organisations and internal teams, ensuring that he's aligned on why they do what they do and focusing on sustainability and scalability.