Nov 8, 2019

SuperPark Singapore - Playpark for All Ages

SuperPark - Playpark for All Ages

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The Story

Playparks always look fun, regardless of what age you are. The kids always look like they're having the time of their life and it's not long before you think to yourself "Wow, if only I could join them." can because SuperPark is the friendliest all-in-one indoor activity park you will ever come across. Originating from Finland, SuperPark was actually the result of a frustrated parent, who had to follow his child into a playpark, only to be unable to follow through the kid-sized spaces. I think all parents can relate to the back pains from crawling into a play space for kids because you had to supervise or play with them. With over 20 activities over 2 levels in Suntec City Mall, SuperPark truly is the playpark for all ages!

The Experience

I could feel the excitement even before I entered the playpark. SuperPark had a very distinctive purple theme going on, which I kinda liked. Getting the tickets from the counter, we were all given wristbands to wear. These wristbands are your ticket to enter and leave the playpark but they don't just allow you access to the playpark, it also allows you access to a locker! This is great because usually with playparks, you see parents or the designated guardian sitting outside, taking care of everyone's belongings while the rest enter and have the time of their lives in the playpark. Here, at SuperPark, that occurrence is significantly reduced and I could really see that they really thought it through and were planning to deliver when they dubbed themselves the friendliest activity park.

The lockers were decently sized and to gain access, you just needed to scan your wristband on the touchscreen. You can open and close it as many times you'd like as long as you have the wristband with you. We took off our shoes, put it on the shoe ranks, donned our SuperPark socks and excitedly entered!

The place was massive! Spanning 2 levels and housing 20 over activities, there was a go-kart track, supersized arcade games such as pin ball, a football net, a basketball court, a rock climbing wall, trampoline park and even a skate park! An air-conditioned, indoor skate park! Can you imagine? All of the staff were trained and super friendly as well! We had a blast trying out all the different stations. There was even a baseball batting machine and a huge slide.

The skate park had skateboards and scooters for us to use. We had to don protective gear and given a brief safety run down by the staff before we were allowed to enter. The staff even showed us some skateboard tricks. It felt nice to know that someone who knew what they were doing and experienced in the sport were looking over us and the many other guests of all ages.

SuperPark also incorporated technology in most of their stations, At the rock climbing wall, we could use the touch screen to gain access to a bunch of games. One of them was where you'd set up a route and the person on the rock wall would have to attempt to tap on the buttons in order from button 1 to 5. The buttons were projected onto the rock wall and we'd have to climb and tap them. It was fun and of course I deviously put the buttons as high as I could so I could see my friends struggle to reach them. We had a blast!

We were all also extremely stoked to visit the football court. It has a net with an AI goalkeeper, named the Robokeeper. This AI goalkeeper once had Messi as his opponent and guess what? The AI won! We walked up all gung ho to kick the ball and all of us were trashed by the goalkeeper. It really got our competitive spirits high. You could change the level to suit your age and competency and we cranked it all the way up to test our lucks!

Our experience at this playpark for all ages was unbelievably fun. It checked all our boxes and most importantly of all, I could tell that they took their safety seriously too! Despite it being a playpark for all ages, they made sure that they did not sacrifice safety to make it more fun for the teens or the adults. I will most definitely be coming back.

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Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, North Wing #02-477, Singapore 038983 (Promenade, Esplanade & City Hall MRT)

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 10:00AM  - 9:00PM

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