Sep 18, 2019

The Wyld Shop - A Woman's Paradise

The Wyld Shop - A Woman's Paradise

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The Story

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The Wyld Shop was opened by Kara Bensley-Austin, an Australian woman that simply wanted to bring in Australian brands that she loved for her friends. She wanted to give them accessibility to all the brands that she felt her friends would love. She started selling glasses online but slowly started to include more brands. The Wyld Shop ended up housing Australian brands, local brands and some Malaysian brands and became a sort of paradise for women, having found a home at 412 Joo Chiat Road, in the Katong neighbourhood. Most brands are exclusive to them as well and reasonably priced for the exclusivity and quality. They bring in new stuff every two to three weeks and they define themselves by the word "fun". After all, their motto is "Live Wyld. Live Free. Be Who You Want To Be".

Here at The Wyld Shop, they're more than just a fashion boutique where you try to find something you like. Instead, they want you to come in and just enjoy yourself. You might come in trying to find something you like but come to find something unexpected, like friendship instead! The owner and her partner man the shop themselves and are always down to meet to new people. At times, they even pop out some champagne to share.

They usually have a girls' night out every quarter where they invite VIPs to come in and attend an exclusive launch to peruse all the new stuff that they're bringing in. After, they take them out to a bar or a club to party, chill and spend time together.

The Place

shopping katong singapore

In this cozy enclave, a wide variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture and other products such as tampons and vibrators can be found throughout the store. Colours and patterns litter the place. The style of the clothing in the store is slightly bohemian and range from size 6 - 14, keeping in mind that women come in all sizes. They hope that everyone can find a fit here and have taken in sizings that are smaller and larger than the conventional. Going further in, a couch is placed in the middle, right outside a couple of fitting rooms, perfect for customers to discuss if they liked what they tried on or not.

A hidden gem in the Katong neighbourhood, The Wyld Shop provides a unique experience and almost feels like you're returning home; a must-visit when you're in town!

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The Wyld SHop
412 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427637 (Dakota MRT)

Opening Hours
Sun - Mon: 12:00PM  - 5:00PM
Tues - Thurs: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
10:00AM - 6:30PM
Sat: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

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