Oct 10, 2019
Personal Development

What Does Your Resume Cost?


o you were thinking you might write your own resume?

That’s okay, if the following applies to you:

* You are an excellent writer.
* You are adept in grammar and spelling rules.
* You have a solid understanding of the telegraphic writing style (which eliminates the use of personal pronouns, such as "I" and "me" and articles such as "the" and "a").
* You are an expert MS Word user.
* You keep up to date on industry trends.
* You are knowledgeable of resume layout and design.
* You know what information is relevant on a resume.
* You know what information is NOT relevant on a resume.
* You can devote several days to the resume writing process (research, preparation, writing, and editing).

Many people find they do not have the time or resources to write a professional resume that will get them results. You might also realize along the way (like many do) that hiring a professional resume writer will actually SAVE you money!

How you ask?

Imagine you have recently become unemployed and your previous salary was $34,000 annually and you are looking to remain at the same salary. Every week of unemployment equates to losing $653.85 in potential wages.

The average out-of-work American is unemployed for 18 weeks. So using the assumed $34,000 annual salary, you could lose $11,769.30 in potential wages.

On the other hand, people that have utilized my professional resume writing services have reported getting hired on average within 5 weeks.

That’s a savings of over $8,500!!

Here’s an analogy for you.

I can change the tires or the oil on my car. However, I would need to devote a lot of time and effort into learning how to replace my transmission. A mechanic on the other hand could have it done in a day or two because they have the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to get it done properly.

Since I am not a mechanic, not only will it take me well over a week, but I may not even do it correctly (and consequently cost myself even more time and money).

So the next time you think it's too expensive to have a resume professionally written, you need to ask yourself, "What does your resume cost.”


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Wilson Komala

Wilson is strategist who gravitate towards having detailed planning and strategic research for his clients to help them achieve the maximum results within a short period of time. He work across organisations and internal teams, ensuring that he's aligned on why they do what they do and focusing on sustainability and scalability.