Apr 13, 2020

You Do Not Need a Social Media Account for your Business


ou do not need a social media account for your business. No, I did not make a typo. You actually do not need that business social media account… if you have an account for yourself

Look at people like Gary Vee.

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As the founder of a marketing agency, he puts out consistent content and has even found that a personal account garners more engagement than a company profile. Since he is the founder, he is the face of the company. He sets the tone and branding for the company and does everything a company profile does, except one thing…

He creates a connection

With a company profile, it can be difficult to bring your personality into your posts and therefore, it’s harder to get people to relate to you.People want to talk to humans and actually build a connection. They can’t do that with a company, but they can do that with a person - YOU.

Explore personal branding. It is proven to be more effective than branding itself. You don’t need that social media account for your business.


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Wilson Komala

Wilson is strategist who gravitate towards having detailed planning and strategic research for his clients to help them achieve the maximum results within a short period of time. He work across organisations and internal teams, ensuring that he's aligned on why they do what they do and focusing on sustainability and scalability.