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We help passionate customers to grow and drive positive changes in society through their businesses

Kingsmaker is a marketing agency that specializes in content marketing and brand strategy. We believe the world should know about your business, and we'll help you get there.

Kingsmaker develops a one-of-a-kind digital strategy for each of our clients to ensure they are getting the best ROI on their marketing budget.

We are a team of strategists, creators, developers and doers - with experience in branding, design & development, social media management and more!

Our offices are located in Singapore and Indonesia. Over the past 5 years, we have served over 200 clients all around the world from countries including Switzerland, South Korea, USA, as well as many other countries in ASEAN.

"It was a pleasure working with your team...Would definitely be happy to work with you again on future projects"

Joyce S
FarEast Hospitality (Singapore)


I definitely look forward to working with Kingsmaker perhaps on a different themed project.

Juliana R
Science Centre (Singapore)

Before this we don’t really see much Indonesians customers coming to our outlet, now we suddenly see them coming!


We are glad that we agreed to come on board the first round I’m definitely in for the next round.

Sharon L
Fragrance Bakwa

I love this initiative. They have expanded my target audience.

Bernard T
Jinjja Chicken

Results that came back was impressive. We endorse the services of Kingsmaker.


I would highly recommend integrating their services into the operations of any business.

Catherine J
Vigour & Vice

Leads were overflowing, more numbers than what I expected.

Financial Advisor

The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue.

Sylvia S

They go the extra mile, customising their solutions to cover all business aspects. Hans Im Gluck Singapore would not have been possible without them.

Marco B
Hans Im Gluck

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