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Here at Kingsmaker, we value  growth and productivity. We don't work for you, but with you, to uplift your business processes through innovation, flexibility and drive.

We go the extra mile to come up with customized solutions to cover all your business aspects and seek to educate through a mutual learning approach.

By Kings, for Kings.


Our company started as a platform to connect with people through common interests - we love trying new things and meeting new people. We wanted to document our experiences where we experiment, explore, find hidden gems and make mistakes, so you don’t have to. Armed with a Sony A7III and GoPro Hero 7, we’re committed to bring you wherever we go, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

A diverse team of storytellers, foodies, techies, travellers and music/movies lovers, we promise to be a relatable and personal voice beneath the pretentiousness of our beautifully designed blog.

Personal experiences or anecdotes. There’s something in them to note.

They have been a great advisor, through driving innovation, flexibility and quick turnaround time. The team goes the extra mile and was essential to the success of HANS IM GLÜCK in its initial stage. To highlight is the team’s ability to customize their solutions covering all business aspects.
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We are the only agency out there that provides guaranteed 2 big media covers and 2 generic media covers. We GUARANTEE 4 coverage which worth over $60,000.00++. Our service start from $20,000.00. Anyway, this is the most effective way to promote if you are brand new startups or your are promoting blockchain, ICO or cryptocurrency.

Lead Generation

Company growth depends on 2 things, new customers and recurring customers. We design a perfect hook-model sales funnel that is like 24/7 salesman that will never ask for raise and never complain but perform 2-3X better than your best salesman. With our proprietary method, we design a landing page that will convert up to 50%, on top of that it will upsell and downsell to your customer automatically.

Keynote Speaker

Our founder has spoken to over 1000+ entrepreneurs, 200+ companies and startups in over 10 cities around the regions. Whether you are an event company. coworking space, MNC, schools or university. We are keen to work with you. Our topic range from marketing, sales, entrepreneurship to leadership.

Influencer Marketing

First ever cross-border influencer marketing. Over $5B spent by Chinese and Indonesian tourist in 2018, but still many company only using local influencers to market their businesses. In May 2019, we have total of 30+ Top travel influencers from Indonesia with total following of over 1,000,000.00 users. Ready to promote your business to global market and tap on $5B market?

Growth Strategy

Using SMART goal settings, we will define your 6-months and 12-months goals. After that, we break it down to actionable monthly, weekly and daily to-do-list or checklist. We will also give you strategies that can grow your company exponentially with almost no cost. Don't believe what we say? Contact us and we will give you ONE strategy for FREE.

Customized Training

Instead of outsourcing their marketing services to an agency, most of our clients work with us as partner. Our chief strategist will devise a customised training materials that is practical and tailored towards your goals. From sales funnel, landing page, PR, social media management, paid advertising etc.

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