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Optimize your time and create a seamless schedule for publishing your content with our content calendar.

Get Organised

We get that you're busy and the thought of creating a schedule of what you're going to post and when may seem daunting. But by taking some time to think ahead, be prepared, and making a plan, your future self will thank you for it. 

Your time is precious so optimize it by using our free content calendar and get ahead of your competitors. This will be your hub for all your content marketing efforts and will become one of the most important tools within your marketing toolkit. A content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, allows you to organize your strategy in a visual manner and enable clear communication of your campaign efforts and editorial plans.

Achieve Your Goals

Every successful business has a detailed and professionally curated marketing strategy. This strategy will include important KPIs that fit exactly to the business owners short term and long-term goals and vision for the business.

The most proven way to stay on track with those KPIs is to stick to a plan! Remember, planning prevents poor performance. So using our professional design content calendar will enable your to stay on track with your content marketing efforts and make it easier to achieve your business goals.

Get Rewarded

Search engines reward businesses that publish high-quality content on a regular basis. It pays to maintain a consistent presence online. All your channels of social media, marketing efforts, and published items will increase your customer views. Scheduling regular content planning into your calendar will make sure you never miss a deadline and increase your ranking on Google. 

Calendar Features 

Our content calendar has a wide variety of features to help you streamline your marketing efforts and schedule content deadlines. We make it easy for your to make a plan and organize your ever-growing to-do list for your business. 

  • Your goals are marked out and visible to remind you to stay on track with your KPIs
  • Themes for color coding and visualizing your work
  • Deadlines clearly marked out so you know which projects to prioritize
  • Production workflow to see where you are with each project
  • Brainstorm space for recording your ideas 
  • Content collaboration to enable workload sharing with colleagues
  • Colleague assignment and accountability so you know who is working on what
  • Content analytics to collect data and measure performance 

Streamline your workflow and enjoy the benefits of Kingsmaker's content calendar when you subscribe.

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Kingsmaker marketing agency develops custom marketing strategies and tools for our customers to ensure they are getting the best ROI on their marketing budget. Our offices are located in Singapore and Indonesia. Over the past five years, we have served over 200 clients all around the world with our growth marketing strategy.

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