Muslim Friendly Edition (2020) - Top 13 Must Visit Places In Singapore

I hope that all of you ushering in the new year and planning a spectacular way to end the decade. One of my hopes for 2020 is to focus on inclusivity so that everyone can enjoy my recommendations and that's why in this special 2020 Muslim friendly edition, we will taking our first steps towards that direction and featuring the top 14 must visit places in Singapore that you can visit with your Muslim friends! Honestly, regardless of whether you are a Muslim or not, you will definitely be wowed by this list. Check this out!

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Top 14 Must Visit Places In Singapore - City Hall Edition (2019)

City Hall is located in the central region of Singapore and many are quick to dismiss it as a business district that is devoid of life or fun. In this City Hall Edition, we are going to debunk that! There are actually many hidden gems to explore and while they are hidden, they can be easily found if you just read on. Moreover, it's in the central, so it's very accessible. Here are the Top 14 Must Visit Places in City Hall Singapore!

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Top 15 Must Visit Place In Singapore - Katong Edition (2019)

Katong is not necessarily the first location you'd think of when you're visiting Singapore but peer closer and you might find all the hidden gems we have hidden in the Katong neighbourhood. While it might be a slightly smaller neighbourhood, there is less human traffic and packed with foodie finds, comfy accommodation and fun activities. Come explore what Katong has to offer!

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