Content Marketing

Creating unique and engaging content has never been more important in today’s digital marketing world.
content marketing

Consistent Content Is Rewarded

Search engines will reward businesses that publish high-quality and consistent content. Maintaining a regular presence online and in the eyes of your customers is best through content they will naturally find or be interested in. 

More Sales

Benefit from more sales for existing customers and brand new ones. Increase your inbound traffic by creating content with a wider reach than traditional marketing. A guest blog you write for an associated site will score you some backlinks so new customers will find your site.  


Content creation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of boosting your brand and growing your business. Sneaking in search engine optimization like optimized content formatting, backlinks in blogs, high-ranking keywords, using proven SEO formulas, etc. will help your rank higher on google and gain that organic traffic to your site. 

Build Customer Loyalty

Creating interesting and regular content will build your brand value and reputation. A well-known and respected brand will always get more sales. This leads to customers putting their trust in you and maintaining loyalty to your brand and products or services.

Content Idea Examples

Content Competition Marketing

Holding a competition will always get customers interested. The thought of winning a prize just by doing something simple is appealing. This idea helps spread awareness of your brand to a much wider reach than you would be able to achieve by yourself. Your customers become your marketers. You can try a photography competition which shows one of your products or brand. Or even something as simple as giving away a prize to the first 10 people to like, share and subscribe to your brand. 

Top 10s

Rated as one of the most successful content formats, everyone loves a top 10 list. For example, the top 10 ways to create engaging content, the top 10 marketing strategies for small businesses. They are scannable by the reader and are a great format for SEO.

IRL Content Marketing

In an age of digital marketing, you can almost be seen as ‘different’ if you try some ‘In Real Life’ marketing strategies. Print marketing is still one of the most successful marketing tactics as in posters, flyers, direct mail, and billboards. You could get creative though and stand out from your competitors. Street art, live music, and shows could really grab your customers’ attention. 

'How To' Guides

Google it. This is how most of us find the answers nowadays. 'How to' is one of the most common searches on any search engine. whether it's 'How to create awesome content' or 'How to boost productivity.' A how-to guide will always attract attention and be something your customers actually look for and will be interested to read. 

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