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Finding The Right Tools

There are many tools on the market that promise to help you grow your business, but end up costing you more than they bring in. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

We decided to create this blog for entrepreneurs like us who are looking for marketing tools that actually work. We have tested over 100 different software products and services and narrowed down the ones that actually work.

Build Your Tool Box

Marketing tools are supposed to be designed to provide your business with functions and abilities to enable business growth. Unless you're a professional web developer and code writer, you need to outsource them. 

These tools are the systems, software products, techniques, materials, strategies, resources, and technology used by markers and business owners to create and implement marketing campaigns. Your company's marketing campaign is the direct link between your business and your customers, so it's really important to choose the marketing tools that are most effective. This will depend on your target audience, the type of business you have, and the location of your customers.

There are endless types of marketing tools available, and each type serves a unique purpose. Using a combination will help widen your reach and target audience

  • Information gathering and marketing performance tracking
  • Customer relations management to collect important data from your customers 
  • Social media marketing for content marketing in all social media channels
  • Digital marketing provides endless possibilities 
  • Search engine optimization will help you rank higher on search engines
  • Press releases grab readers attention while promoting new products and services
  • Print advertising such as direct mail, posters, billboards, and flyers
  • Customer loyalty programs help build a personal connection and feeling of appreciation
  • Brand reputation management will steer towards optimum brand equity

The list is endless. We have tried and tested over 100 and created the best of the bunch to pass on to you. 

Benefits of 7 Day Training

By immersing yourself in seven days of growth marketing training, you will get a firm grasp on the possibilities for your business. Just like learning a new language, you need to learn the basics then practice, practice, practice. 

  • Learn about growth marketing tools the most efficient way
  • Save precious time so you can focus on other things
  • Save money and make the most of your marketing budget
  • Get access to our expert support to help with any queries

Why Choose Kingsmaker

Kingsmaker marketing agency develops a one-of-a-kind digital strategy for each of our clients to ensure they are getting the best ROI on their marketing budget. Our offices are located in Singapore and Indonesia. Over the past five years, we have served over 200 clients all around the world with a growth marketing strategy.

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