15 Greatest Marketing Campaign of All Time

Marketing campaigns work in such a way that it promotes products through different types of media, which includes television, radio, print, and through online platforms. Aside from Advertising, Marketing Campaigns also make use of demonstrations, video conferencing, and other interactive techniques.

What Is Marketing Campaign?

2 marketers holding a megaphone while standing on top of a phone showcasing they are using digital ads for the marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign as defined by Investopedia is a coordinated series of marketing messages delivered to potential buyers through multiple channels.

Marketing campaigns are used by companies, nonprofit organizations, and even government agencies to achieve marketing objectives including building brand awareness, driving demand for products or services, generating leads or increasing sales."

Marketing campaigns promote products through different types of media, including television, radio, print, and online platforms.

Aside from advertising, marketing campaigns also use demonstrations, video conferencing, and other interactive techniques.

So what makes A good marketing campaign?

Companies have had to adapt marketing campaigns to the ever-changing digital age.

With this in mind, we can begin looking at marketing campaign examples that drive both awareness and sales for their respective brands:

What are the 15 Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time?

Most marketing campaigns can't hold a candle to the marketing genius behind these 15 marketing campaigns.

From marketing an unknown product to selling another brand's products in your store, these are some of the greatest marketing strategies of all time.

What will you learn? Enjoy this list and see what other great marketing campaigns we have for you!

The following 15 marketing campaigns were intelligent and groundbreaking in their field-testing new ideas at the time.

Here are some examples of famous marketing campaigns from around the world:

1.  Nike “Just Do It” Campaign

Nike's slogan "Just Do It," started in 1989.  The marketing approach centered on the good feeling of accomplishment following an athletic achievement, which they depicted with a signature phrase- "Just Do It."

They also used celebrity endorsement from famous athletes to help promote their product.

In the 1980s, Nike launched a marketing campaign that featured professional athletes endorsing the products such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Lance Armstrong, among others.

This marketing campaign has been very successful for them because these are some of the most popular sports brands in the market today.

These endorsements gave people the confidence to buy Nike shoes or clothes because they believed that if those pro players use them, why shouldn't they.

This marketing campaign has also been successful because these athletes are very relatable to Nike's target audience is marketing to most kids and adults who love sports.

These endorsement deals have given them a large following of people who want to buy their products, making it easier for Nike to sell more goods.

2.  Dove “Great Beauty” Campaign

Dove marketing campaigns have been very successful because they appeal to a large audience.

The campaign is focused on helping women feel beautiful and confident, regardless of their appearance or size.

This marketing strategy has helped Dove win the award for top beauty brand in both 2013 and 2014.

They also became one of Procter & Gamble's fastest-growing brands and now being number one in online sales among all other competitors within the skincare category.

Because this is such a popular marketing campaign, many people want to buy products from them, which helps make it easier for them to sell more goods.

3. Absolut Vodka “The Bottle” Campaign

The marketing campaign is focused on the bottle, which aims to be a perfect balance of simplicity and modernity.

This marketing strategy helped Absolut Vodka become one of the top-selling vodka brands in America by 2005.

It also became one of Diageo's (the company that owns Absolut) most profitable spirits brands internationally.

This marketing campaign was so successful! It had been copied many times over with other companies trying to create their own "perfect glass bottle" for different types of drinks like Coca Cola Light (which had this copycat design) or Guinness Extra Stout (with this type).

This marketing strategy proved beneficial because consumers are drawn towards brands they feel have an interesting story behind them; when people see the marketing campaign for Absolut's "perfect glass bottle," they were curious about what type of vodka this unique container had. 

As more people became aware of this new product, sales increased significantly within just two years of its launch and around the world after being introduced overseas by Diageo.

4.  Marlboro “The Marlboro Man” Campaign

Considered as one of the best marketing campaigns of all time, "The Marlboro Man" was a response to the growing trend of women smoking, so they created an advertising strategy targeting men.

Marlboro's marketing campaigns focused on masculinity and ruggedness with images depicting cowboys (e.g., "The Marlboro Man") or scenes from the Western frontier.

By using this marketing tactic, Marlboros became one of the best-selling cigarette brands in America for over 30 years until it lost its appeal among smokers due to unfavorable public opinion about tobacco use and increased competition from other cigarette companies Camel cigarettes' Joe Cool Campaign.

However, even though sales are no longer what they used to be because people don't smoke as much anymore, these advertisements have left a lasting impression on marketing to this day.

5.  Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell” Campaign

Back in 2010, when Old Spice decided that their target market needed an upgrade — which is probably true considering most men in marketing were going for the older demographic — they came up with a marketing campaign that would make everyone stop and pay attention.

The company took advantage of its name and made a series of commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa, who played "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" in them.

They combined two things many people enjoy: attractive men (Isaiah) flexing their muscles while singing about how he's confident enough to wear Old Spice antiperspirant and nostalgia (the slogan is an updated version of an old one).

Now, Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell" Campaign" is one of those successful marketing campaigns in the past decades. However, we all know it was too good to last forever, though; like everything else on this list, you can't just keep making marketing campaigns as great as these without running out eventually!

6.  California Milk Processor Board “The Got Milk” Campaign

The marketing campaign for milk from California in the early 1990s is one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever.

It was so popular that it became a part of American culture and still gets referenced now more than 20 years later, even though they stopped running ads around 2005.

The marketing campaign featured celebrities (like Madonna) with slogans like "Everybody Loves Milk" and insisting people drink three glasses every day to make sure their bones stay healthy as they grew up!

The TV commercial featuring some pint-sized dancers jumping off an airplane into a glass of milk also made this marketing campaign unforgettable, which led many companies to copy its approach.

But none have been able to match how great these original commercials were!

7.  Coca-Cola “The Share a Coke” Campaign

In 2014, the company introduced the Share A Coke marketing campaign to buy specially designed bottles or cans that feature your name on them.

This marketing strategy has proved very successful for Coca-Cola in the United States and other countries.

The marketing campaign involves using a person's name in marketing to encourage consumers to buy what they are selling and share it with someone else, hence the slogan "Share A Coke With (insert your name here)."

Many companies have embraced this marketing strategy because of how successful it was for Coca-Cola.

The Share-A-Coke marketing campaigns have also proven more effective than traditional marketing strategies, as mentioned earlier, due to their ability to appeal and connect on an emotional level with those who see these advertisements!

When people go out drinking or enjoy activities such as going camping, their friends will often ask them to bring along some Cokes. This is yet another way that marketing campaigns such as Share-A-Coke have been successful.

8.  Metro Trains “The Dumb Ways to Die” Campaign

Started by Metro Trains in Australia, the "Dumb ways to die" is a marketing campaign to bring awareness to the dangers of everyday life.

The marketing campaign featured cartoonish animations and videos released as public service announcements from 2012-2014; these video clips would often be played on TV screens placed at train stations for commuters traveling during rush hour.

Using human emotions to drive engagement the Dumb Ways to Die marketing campaign was successful. Each appealed differently depending on the person viewing them!

In addition, this marketing strategy had an exceptionally high engagement rate with its audience – especially kids who are most likely exposed to these messages – due to their finding humor and seeing their parents laughing about "dumb ways" they've been as kids.

Over 18 months, "Dumb Ways to Die" became a marketing hit with over 114 million YouTube views and a 113 percent increase in sales for Australia's Metro Trains!

9.  DeBeers “A Diamond is Forever” Campaign

A marketing campaign by DeBeers in 1948, "A Diamond is Forever," was the first marketing technique to use celebrity endorsements.

The company hired Hollywood stars such as Clark Gable and Joan Crawford to promote their diamond rings.

De Beers wanted to encourage society's idea that diamonds are a symbol of love and engagement, so they started with an ad in Vogue magazine which read: "Why give her anything less than a diamond?".

The marketing strategy worked so well that people associated diamonds with romance which led to sales of other products like perfume and household goods also increased dramatically.

The phrase "a diamond is forever" became an iconic slogan for its marketing efforts due to its ability to capture a person's imagination!

10.  Miss Clairol “Does She Or Doesn’t She” Campaign

This marketing campaign was for Miss Clairol, a hair color that women use to dye their hair.

This marketing campaign used celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Eva Gabor which were famous Hollywood stars.

It took place in 1956 when society's views of beauty had changed drastically from previous times due to new standards like "blondes have more fun."

This marketing campaign was successful because it marked one of the first times where mainstream marketing spoke directly to women.

Miss Clairol's marketing campaign is a perfect example of how marketing can be influential or persuasive when targeting consumers with something they want.

They are also successful because the marketing spoke to them, but it was using celebrities that were well-known at the time, which made people more likely to buy their product.

The Miss Clairol marketing campaign has been tremendously popular for decades. It’s still an effective way today for companies like L'Oreal, who bought out Revlon in 2009, after 11 years of owning Miss Clairol —to market hair color products to capture society's new standards on beauty, which now include multiculturalism.

11.  Volkswagen “Think Small” Campaign

Volkswagen's "Think Small" Campaign is one marketing campaign that has endured for generations.

The marketing slogan was coined by advertising executive Bob Levenson in 1959 and is still being used today to sell VW's small cars (although the company itself does not use this phrase anymore).

The marketing campaign was revolutionary because it changed people's perceptions of their car-buying habits from wanting a big luxury vehicle to something smaller, less flashy, more affordable, and functional. This change would be felt across society decades later with new legislation on emissions standards as well as rising gas prices.

Volkswagen marketed these vehicles with "Think Small" slogans such as "Lemon" or "Tiny Tops," effectively creating buzz about its products while simultaneously associating them with social and economic mobility.

The marketing campaign also created a huge increase in the company's profits and public interest and awareness of Volkswagen products.

Volkswagen achieved this marketing success because they understood their target audience, which consists primarily of people looking for something less ostentatious than a luxury car—or "the man on the street," as some marketing experts refer to them.

12.  Budweiser “The Whassup” Campaign

In a marketing campaign that has been called "the greatest marketing coup of the decade," Budweiser convinced countless people to talk about, think about and even evangelize their product for them.

The company's most famous marketing event was arguably its 1990 Super Bowl commercial, which first introduced viewers to the slogan "Whassup!?" Using this now ubiquitous term – coupled with clever sayings like "Bud Light: Just What You've Been Waiting For" or "The King Of Beers" - Budweiser became known as one of America's best-selling beers."

Budweiser's "Wassup" campaign was so iconic that it made its way into the American lexicon.

13.  Always “The Like a Girl” Campaign

Always knew that marketing for hygiene products was tough. But, when the company approached consumers with a message about empowering young girls to be strong and confident in themselves, they got everyone's attention.

In partnership with the Girl Scouts of America, Always launched its "Like A Girl" campaign on YouTube where millions could watch videos like "How To Throw Like A Girl" or witness teen celebrities filming how they live life as one of their male counterparts.

The marketing video went viral, generating over 100 million views by June 2015 - which is astounding considering it only takes 30 seconds to view each video clip.

14.  Google “The Year in Search” Campaign

Google's marketing team used the company's search data to create a video that outlined some of Google's most popular searches in 2015.

In January, they released the promotional teaser, and by February, it had already racked up over 17 million views on YouTube.

The marketing campaign was so successful because people are interested in what other users find interesting.

It also showcased just how much information is available at their fingertips when searching for something online.

This type of marketing can be very powerful - as long as you have quality content to back up your claims!

15.  Procter & Gamble “The Thank You Mom” Campaign

In 2009, Procter & Gamble wanted to show their appreciation to mothers with a marketing campaign.

They partnered up with the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and created an ad that ran in over 100 newspapers across the country on Mother's Day to thank moms for all they do.

The advertisement included a letter from one P&G CEO telling them how much he appreciated his mom. It also had four tips for helping new moms, such as 'Talk about your birth plan before you go into labor.'

This marketing campaign was so successful because it reached out directly to men involved in caring for babies—not just women!

What Makes a Marketing Campaign Great?

A female using her fingers to show everything's good.

Marketing campaigns are made great by doing two things: marketing to the right people and marketing with creative ideas.

Great marketing campaigns know who they're marketing to!

You can't create an ad that everyone will love, so you should focus on marketing towards your specific audience.

For example, P&G had great success when it created this Mother's Day advertisement for new moms because they were targeting mothers specifically in their campaign.

This is also why Pampers did well over time - many parents became loyal customers after their children went through its diapers.

For every product or service out there, someone is going to be more interested than anyone else. They'll become your best customer and then tell other potential buyers about your product.

While marketing towards a specific person or group of people can be effective, it's not the only way to market successfully.

You need to find out what your customer wants and needs from your products before you start making marketing campaigns that will get them interested in buying this stuff!

Why Are Marketing Campaigns So Important?

Marketing campaigns are important because, without marketing, companies and businesses don't have a way to reach their target audience.

claims that marketing campaigns are responsible for up to 70% of the marketing budget being spent on digital marketing channels, such as Facebook or Instagram.

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns and make them more successful, you need to understand what goes into a good marketing campaign in terms of content, design, timing, and strategy.

The marketing campaign is what gives the company or business a way to tell their target audience about how amazing their product is.

Successful marketing campaigns also allow them to speak directly with customers in an effortless manner that ensures you're getting your message across for something they need or want. When you are marketing towards your target customers, it's important to include incentives within your marketing campaigns that will get these people more interested in buying the stuff.

The more marketing you do, the better chance there will be that people who see your products or services are interested in buying them!

What Are The Steps for a Great Marketing Campaign?

A female marketer drawing out the step of a great marketing campaign.

A great marketing campaign is one where you have an amazing product or service to offer. Without something truly unique, interesting, and beneficial, marketing will be much more difficult for your business.

Great marketing campaigns are all about knowing what your customers want so that they can find it easily! You need to consider how people might search online when buying a certain type of product - if the marketing campaign is marketing a digital product, make sure to use keywords that are used regularly by people searching online.

Also think about whether or not marketing your business on social media sites like Facebook will be beneficial - remember, you can drive traffic through these platforms if done properly! If you're unsure of how exactly to do this marketing correctly though, there are steps that you can follow:

Step 1

Create a marketing strategy. You need to think about marketing techniques that will be helpful, especially if you are marketing a digital product. You should consider how people search online when buying something - what words do they use? What phrases do these words form? These are the keywords that you must include in your marketing plan!

Step 2

Choose the best platforms for marketing. Decide on the marketing platforms that you would like to make use of. For example, if it's a digital product or service, you might decide upon Facebook and Instagram marketing. If it's an offline business, perhaps make good use of local newspaper advertising!

Step 3

Invest in digital marketing. You will need to invest in marketing if you want your business to be successful. Digital marketing is where it's at, so make sure that you are doing all of the right things when marketing your product or service online. If it doesn't work then try another digital platform.

Digital marketing is also one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. It is also one of the best marketing strategies around and is most likely to help you reach your target audience. Digital marketing can also be a great way for business owners to test out their marketing skills in digital marketing before investing more resources into it.

Step 4

Make sure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to marketing products or services online. You can't have a mediocre marketing campaign, because that's not going to do anything for your business at all! Make sure that you are promoting what makes people want to buy

Step 5

Measure your success. Now that you know how to market successfully, make sure you measure the results of each campaign so that you can see what is working and what's not! Using Google Analytics will allow for this process to be easy as pie; simply go into the marketing section and learn how to track your marketing content!

Marketing today is more than just advertising; it's about building relationships. That means having active engagement with the customer does not only show that you care but also gives them a reason to come back for future business, which can result in increased revenue over time.

What Are the Components of a Great Marketing Campaign?

A male marketer tracing through a maze, showing that a good marketing strategy is required for a great campaign.

The components of a great marketing campaign are marketing message, marketing channels, and marketing strategy. In fact, according to marketing experts, marketing is about getting customers through the door. A marketing campaign that doesn't include these components will not be effective.

Marketing Message

The marketing campaign aims to convey a marketing message that aims to meet customer needs or solve their problems.

The marketing message is a clear statement of what you offer and how it benefits your target audience. You have to get their attention for them to consider your product or service over others on the market today.

Marketing Channels

A marketing campaign is made up of marketing messages that are transmitted through marketing channels.

The marketing message can be conveyed through many different marketing channels, such as social media, digital display ads, SEO/SEM campaigns, search engine optimization, and other web marketing strategies. Many companies have found success in targeting their audience on specific platforms where they spend the most time.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies should be designed carefully for they can make all the difference between success and failure. It should be created by someone familiar with the company and its marketing goals. It needs to consider different marketing channels and how they can best attract new customers or communicate with existing ones.

They also need to consider marketing’s place within the business plan as a whole. It should be integrated into key business objectives, such as sales targets and expansion plans. In this way, marketing can be a strong marketing tool in a business’s overall scheme.

Companies should also assess their marketing approach and determine whether it needs to change or improve before they implement these marketing strategies into action. For example, if social media is an important channel for reaching customers, then companies need to understand how best to use such platforms as Facebook and Twitter to their advantage.

Companies should also determine whether marketing communications are being shared effectively throughout the business, or if they’re just residing within particular departments. If sharing is working well, then teams need to ensure that marketing materials have a consistent voice and feel so potential customers can easily identify with them when engaging across different channels.

Once the marketing plan is in place, your business should start to see positive results.

Marketing Tips and Strategies

Marketing has been in existence since the beginning of time, but marketing strategies have evolved since the times when marketing was mostly done face-to-face or through snail mail.

Great marketing campaigns will always be a part of marketing tactics that every company should implement in their marketing plan. There are many companies worldwide that continue to use great marketing ideas to build their brand and market products successfully.

Here are the things you should include in your marketing plan:

  • Market research and analysis (including demographic breakdowns)
  • Advertising campaign(s), including budgeting and timelines for production of promotional materials, media placement timetables), marketing costs/spending estimates, etc.
  • Marketing objectives (e.g., increased brand awareness, increased sales volume)
  • Marketing strategies and tactics to achieve marketing goals, including media relations, public relations campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, etc.)
  • Critical success factors in achieving marketing strategy(s), e.g., tactical considerations that may affect the outcome of the campaign or its timing/content)
  • Evaluation criteria for assessing the marketing plan's effectiveness; however, this is best left until after the first iteration of your plan has been completed and data is available).

Some marketers recommend using a set timeline such as quarterly reviews with metrics collected at each review period.

Marketing Trends in 2021

A female showcasing the latest trend in fashion. With marketing, there are also trends that people follow.

Marketing trends for 2021 include a shift to AI marketing, the rise of chatbots and mobile marketing, and the increased use of social media by brands to reach their audiences on a personal level.

The current marketing trends are:

AI Marketing

AI marketing makes for effective marketing decisions and targeted marketing campaigns. AI marketing is marketing developed through the use of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots for marketing purposes are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users. This technology is an opportunity to personalize customer service with more accurate answers at a lower cost.

Chatbots may be deployed as an interface between a customer service department and their customers, or in a business's sales process at points where a live person would otherwise have been employed (such as lead generation).

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is now the most popular means of communication among consumers.

18% of all digital media time are being spent on mobile devices in 2020. This trend continues into 2021.

The use of social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram by brands to engage customers and create meaningful connections with them online also continues to grow rapidly.

It has become so successful because marketers can reach any audience anywhere they go by using mobile products such as SMS text messages, push notifications, QR codes on websites, and other digital content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means the act of marketing one's product or brand on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It also includes all forms of promotion done via these platforms, including marketing videos, marketing pictures, marketing blogs, and other types of social media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending an email message to one or more recipients to drive business objectives (such as acquiring customers).

The term generally relies on a combination of e-commerce transaction data and traditional database marketing techniques such as segmentation, targeting, personalization, list management/lifecycle marketing, etc.

Product Placement Advertising

This type of advertising involves embedding products into another person's content to generate exposure for those products.

These paid advertisements are usually embedded visibly within images like posters or billboards that provide product details without requiring viewers to scroll down past their initial point, etc.

Keyword Placement 

Although marketing campaigns may not be the definition of success, they are a marketing tool that should have keywords.

Keywords can help to rank on search engines like Google and social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to engage customers and create meaningful connections with them online.


Indeed, marketing campaigns can bring recognition to your company. If you are looking to start marketing campaigns, you should do some research and try different types of marketing strategies.

Some marketing campaigns are so successful they have left an indelible mark on our culture, and we still remember them today. These types of campaigns are known as marketing legends and everyone in the marketing world knows them.

So, what makes a marketing campaign great? The answer is simple: it depends on how well you can solve your target audience’s pain points through unique marketing campaigns that create raving fans! Marketing campaigns with low production costs help to save time and money while also delivering results.

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