25 Free Branding Name Generators For Best Business Names Ideas

Find the perfect brand name for your business with this list of best business name generators and you can never go wrong. What's more, you can check the domain and social media availability of the business name that you choose.

What is a Brand Name?

A male with a rocket launch in front of his laptop, symbolising a product launch. With products and services, a brand name helps your customers set apart from other competitors.

One of the elements of an organization’s brand, a brand name helps your customers set apart your products or services from your competitors.

Thoughtco.com claims that a brand name is a form of a company’s signature, which gives credit to the one who created or developed a particular work or service, and that brand name differentiates that product or service from the ones that are also available in the market.”

Moreover, a brand name can also help your customer identify the authenticity of the things that they buy, such as luxury bags, shoes, pizza, and beverages.     

Why is a Brand Name Important?

Having a strong brand is crucial in any kind of business. It is an important part of establishing your business in your chosen market.

For Tailorbrands.com, your brand name separates you from your competitors, as your brand needs to evoke positive feelings from your audience and convert these audiences into loyal customers. Your brand name is so important, as the same article claims that your brand only has 7 seconds to make a good first impression, and this means that your brand should be well-designed and have a clear message, and your brand name unique and unforgettable.

Your brand name is what your customers will remember about you, as such. Not only that in an article posted on onglobalfinance.com, but it also found out that 82% of investors believe that having a strong brand and instant brand awareness are being considered before they make their investments decisions.

Furthermore, globalfinance.com found out that 71% of consumers said that it is important they recognize the brand first before they make a purchase.

How to choose a great brand name for your business?

A male choosing between Cake A and B. This shows that choosing a great brand name is not easy and confusing.

Finding the perfect brand name for your business is not easy. You need to choose the name that will perfectly describe your brand and at the same time, be unique enough to ensure that you and your brand alone will come into the minds of the consumers when they heard it. Your brand name needs to be evocative to reach out to as many potential customers as you can and convert them into loyal customers.

Marketingmo.com said that if you need to look for cool brand names, you can start by bearing in mind the importance of a brand name in your marketing efforts. Your brand name is the extension of your brand and through it, you can reinforce your brand value.

One thing you can do in looking for a brand name is through competitors analysis. It may be a tedious process, but it can help you create a map of how your target market looks like, find the industry giants and find those that are just blending in. This can help you eliminate the brand names that are already used and are already thriving or failing in the sector.

Likewise, it will not be beneficial for you to mashup synonyms or words themselves, as they may be unique, but they may not be nice to look at, may not leave a lasting impression, and are difficult to pronounce. And it will not help your brand value. 

What is a Branding Name Generator?

In starting your business, one of the most important elements that you need to think things through is your brand name. Your brand name will be your face and your signature out there. Your brand name will be your identity and the one thing that can make consumers stop on their tracks and look back on your brand and hopefully, decide to purchase your product.

As such, it is important to create or choose one that is far from being mediocre. In came business name or brand name generators. These are apps and websites that can help you get your creative juices going, to find that catchy brand name.

How does a branding name generator can help your business?

A branding name generator can help you find that elusive brand name. Creating that catchy and descriptive name is a must for you to be successful in your chosen business. And using branding name generators can help you streamline the process. What’s more, brand name generators can also help you check the domain’s availability of your chosen brand name.

25 Free Branding Name Generators For Business Names Ideas

A male thinking of his brand name and logo design every step of the way. However, there are plenty name generators online for you to try.

Finding that perfect brand name can be time-consuming and frustrating. Good thing that there are brand generators that can help you find what you are looking for. Below are 25 of the most recommended brand name generators that you can use to find that perfect brand name for your business.

1. Fit Small Business

Guiding you through a series of questions, Fit Small Business promises to help you find the perfect brand name. Questions that it will ask include: the type of goods you sell, the location of your store, and your surname. Fit Small Business will then give you a list of brand names that you can choose from.

This brand generator can also help you buy the domain for your chose brand name. Once you click on your chosen name, you will be redirected to a website that allows you to register the domain for your business.

2. One Click Name

A brand name generator that also offers a logo aside from a domain name is One Click Name. This website contains thousands of domain names that you can purchase, and it allows you to choose according to keywords and categories. One-Click Name’s brand names come with cool logos, so you will have to pay a few hundred dollars if you find the perfect logo for your business.

One Click Name allows you to do researches on particular keywords and niches. It even shows you relevant brand names and the story behind them.

3. Namelix Business Name Generator

Namelix boasts of the fact that they generate short brand names that are relevant to your business idea. It allows you to save the name to get a better algorithm at a later time. Namelix posts a set of questions that can help you define the parameters of your brand. The questions include the length of your brand name and your brand style. After answering the questions, you will be redirected to a full page of brand names to choose from.

4. Wix Business Name Generator

Priding itself as a creative business name generator, Wix suggests unique brand names and ideas that are made for you, and for free to boot! The brand name generator usually asks for one to two keywords and will redirect you to a results page with the suggested business names. It allows you to click a name to find out the available domain names you can use.

5. Getsocio Business Name Generator

More than giving suggested brand names, Getsocio also features tips on how you can improve your chances of finding and getting the perfect name for your business. The brand name offers their brand name generator free of use. The website also allows you to choose a brand name according to the category of your business.

6. BNG Business Name Generator

BNG Business Name Generator promises a streamlined process in your search for the best brand name. This brand generator allows you to type in your preferred keywords and it will automatically generate cute business names and ideas for your use. BNG claims that it applies the related industries and filters so that the generated brand names will be relevant to your sector.

7. NameSnack Business Name Generator

NameSnack claims that it is the most powerful company name generator. It combines various naming techniques and machine-learning keywords to aid you in your quest to discover the best brand name. It also lets you discover the available domains concerning your chosen brand. What’s more, the website allows you to generate a design for your logo and also offers different name styles that you can choose from.

8. Shopify Free Tool Business Name Generator

For a great brand name that offers hundreds and thousands of choices, you can go to Shopify. Shopify also simplifies your search for domain names, as it only shows those that are available for you to purchase.

Shopify also lets you create an account in their store, so that you can establish your online presence faster. This means that you can immediately start your digital business, through the use of Shopify’s eCommerce features.

9. Looka business name generator

This company name generator was just released this year, but it is anchored on Looka’s track record, as Looka has already helped more than 12 million businesses to make their logos and design their brands.  

Looka helps entrepreneurs to brainstorm for ideas, check the domain and social media availability, and gives access to logo designs. Looka also offers a variety of categories, as well as lets users, define the character length of their possible brand names. It can also show you the name’s possible impact on to target audience.

10. Oberlo

Oberlo makes it easy for you to find the brand name that you want. All you need to do is enter the keywords that are relevant to your concept and click generate names, and voila! You will get pages and pages of unique brand names that you can choose from. Oberlo also can generate business names with available registration for domain names.

Oberlo is free and tremendously easy to use.

11. WebHostingGeeks

Offering a more targeted list for brand name ideas, web hosting geeks will guide you in your quest for the impeccable brand name by asking you a series of questions. You only need to input the keywords that are relevant to your business, and even lets you choose the domain type you want.

Aside from available domain names, the said brand name generator also lets you check out the available Twitter accounts that you can use for your brand.

12. Name Mesh

If you are bent using a particular keyword to be included in your domain name, then Name Mesh is what you need. The naming brand generator recommends available domains in relation to your chosen keywords. In addition, Name Mesh categorizes the suggested names so that you will have a better chance of finding the brand name that you need. It even lets you hide registered domain names.

13. WorldLab

Although capable of generating 7 million potential names for you, WorldLab’s suggested names are not listed. What you can do is to continuously click Get Name until you find the brand name that you like.

Aside from being a naming brand generator, WorldLab also features name builder to help you enhance and build on the ideas you already have. The said generator has more than 340,000 combinations you can choose from.

14. Freshbooks

Freshbooks lives up to its name as being fresh, with a moderately interactive offerings. Upon clicking “Let’s Get Started,” you will be asked to choose your industry, and then add your chosen keywords. Freshbooks will first show three brand names, but you can click the button to show you more names. The naming brand generator is capable of churning out catchy business names or cool brand names, whichever one you need. 

15. Namesmith

Namesmith brand name lets you enter a maximum of five keywords that you want to be included in your domain name. Once you found your perfect brand name, you will be redirected to a website where you can purchase the domain name of your chosen brand name. The branding name generator also features varieties of your keywords, including portmanteaus as well as catchy brand name ideas.

16. Brand Root

Claiming as the smartest premium brand name generator, Brand Root leads you to a unique and available brand names in minutes with its smart search. The list of names that Brand Root finds for you are painstakingly handpicked, accompanied by a professional logo, and then put up for sale at an affordable price.

Brand Root allows you to select your budget for the logo, so that the names you will receive are the ones that you can buy. Purchasing a brand name, comes with a logo design.

17. Name Station

Apart from providing you with brand name ideas, Name Station also features pages of potential domain names, which can inspire you to create your perfect brand name. Name Station perfectly blends together research tools and creative thinking. Name Station even allows you to sort the list of suggested brand names, as well as available domain names to help you.

18. Hipster Business Name

One of the coolest brand name generators included in this list, Hipster Business Name allows you to expand your brand aside from your chosen niche. Brand names listed in this generator are mostly hip, fun, catchy and clever, perfect for those looking for unique brand names.

19. Anadea

Anadea promises to help you find cool brand names, based on the keywords that you provided. It has a database of captivating names that are relevant to what you input. And once you clicked your chosen name, it will ask you to get a quote for the domain and website. Anadea also lets you generate brand name by industry category.

20. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler offers three ways for you to create your domain name. First, is the using your exact keyword as domain name. Second, you can add keywords that you would want to be included in your brand name. And third, is when you type in the keywords you want in your brand name, and the tool matches them with popular and trending words.

21. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket offers cool brand names that are unique and comes with a logo. However, it comes with a hefty amount: priced at more than $1,000, Brand Bucket’s brand names are unique and composed of only one word. You get a logo for that price, and you can even ask for free modifications of the logo.

The naming brand generator allows you to choose a domain from the website. Brand Bucket boasts of responsive customer service, as well as creative and cool brand names that generate immediate impact from your target audience.

22. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a naming brand generator that makes it easy for you to search for catchy business names. By typing in your keywords, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can find the available domains. It also shows which Twitter handles are available so that your social media profile will be consistent with your preferred catchy business names.

23. One click Name

One Click Name is another naming brand generator that lets you choose a logo and it comes with a domain name. This tool contains multitude of premium domain names that you can choose from and purchase. With domains categorized in keywords, these domains come with nifty logos. Be ready to pay for a few hundred dollars if you find a brand name that you like.

24. Name Find

For premium domain names, this company name generator can give you a number of excellent names to choose from. Name Find offers an exact match domain, and fit those entrepreneurs who are willing to spend and invest in superior domain names.

Name Find is also available 24/7 to answer your queries and help you acquire that exceptional brand name for your business.

25. Namerific

Another premium company name generator, Namerific provides catchy brand names perfect for those who wants to own premium brand name. Most of its featured domains are priced at $10,000, but some can cost as high as $400k. Prices are not fixed, though, because you can offer an amount to a brand name and domain that you want.


Truly, naming your brand will always be one of the hardest steps in starting your business. How you will decide on your brand name, will dictate the success and failure of your company.

There is also no fixed way on finding your perfect brand name, and it’s a good thing that there are now tools online that you can use to ensure that your brand name is short, creative, catchy and memorable.

In the long run, though, how you present your brand, how you and your employees treat your customers and how you use available channels to promote our brands is still are still important things to consider, to fully gain the success that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A service centre answers call from customers with frequently asked question. With deciding on brand names, there are many aspects you need to take note to make sure it is the right one for your products and services.

Below are some common queries about brand name generators. 

What's in a brand name?

A brand name is a name that companies or organizations attach to a particular brand or services. A brand name should be meaningful, memorable, you can own them, adaptable and extremely likeable. Choosing your perfect brand name is important as it is the one thing that will differentiate you from competitors in your market. Brand name should also capture the core concept of your product.

What is a brand name in business?

A brand name is important in business as it is a tool that can help you establish brand awareness and can foster brand loyalty. The brand name that you create should trigger your consumers to think of happy thoughts and desire the experience that your brand offers.

Why is brand name important?

Choosing your brand name has a big impact in the success of your business. Finding the perfect brand name is crucial, as it is the first thing that potential customers will see and encounter on your brand, and it needs to connect to the target audience within a very short amount of time. And brand names are major considerations of consumers before they decide to purchase your product.

Are there different types of brand names?

A male coming up with a brand name as he reaches a lightbulb moment. There are different types of brand names from descriptive, lexical, and so on.

Borne out of creative license, inventing brand names is perfect if you cannot find the perfect name that fits your brand. Invented brand names are usually distinctive, and came from foreign root words, and are usually changed to fit the brand’s personality.

How to choose a good brand name?

There are different types brand available online, and some of the most common are:

Descriptive Brand Names

These are the ones that readily communicate the product or service that are being offered by companies.  These brand names would likely rely on witty taglines to convey its identity. Examples are Toys ‘R’ Us and Development Bank of Singapore.

Lexical Brand Names

Relying on wordplay, lexical brand names make use of puns, compound words, misspellings, phrases and foreign words. This includes Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.

Evocative Brand Names

Often unique and creative, evocative brand names use metaphors so that your brand experience will become top of minds of your audience. When you use evocative brand names, you would likely create a brand that is larger than life. Examples are Apple, Nike and Amazon.

Acronym Brand Names

Used since time immemorable, utilizing acronyms as brand name is not as effective as it should be. While easy to remember, acronym brand names lack meaning and the needed emotion for your target audience to remember your brand. Examples are BMW, HP and MTV.

Geographical Brand Names

Oftentimes, brand are named after the regions or places that they came from. Geographical names infuse brand with the cultural heritage of its origins. Geographical Brand Names samples are Kentucky Fried Chicken and Singapore Airlines.

Invented Brand Names

Borne out of creative license, inventing brand names is perfect if you cannot find the perfect name that fits your brand. Invented brand names are usually distinctive, and came from foreign root words, and are usually changed to fit the brand’s personality. Sample invented brand names are Google and Lego.

How would a brand name help my business?

A brand name helps your business, as an effective brand name distinguishes you from your competitors. A well-designed brand name can help you build brand awareness, as these are major consideration of 71% of consumers before they purchase a particular product or service.

Are brand name generators helpful?

Brand generators can help you to find catchy brand names. Company name generators streamline your process of finding that brand name that will embody your brand identity. These brand name generators also features functions such as letting you know the available domain names, Twitter handles, with some of them giving out logos and the stories behind them.

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