Content to Attract Your Target Audience

I'm sure you want to ensure that you put out content to attract your target audience, but many often are unsure of what kind of content that can successfully capture their target audience's attention and keep them reeled in. Well, actually, you just need to understand and talk about these four points.


Talk about your motivation. What motivated you to go on a journey. Tell them about how you were when you started, whether you were an absolute idiot or a loser. This is because normal people don't connect with successful and the ultra rich. They don't want to hear you brag. They want to hear stories that they can relate to, because they actually understand!


Share with them your fear. It's all about connecting. Everyone has fears and if you make yourself out to be a fearless businessman who succeeds at anything they do, they can't relate and they might even brush your efforts off as luck.

Proudly share your fear, whether you're afraid of speaking, failure, losing money or what other people think of you. More often than not, your audience will relate and they will want to find out more. When you share your weakness, people see you as an expert because they're amazed that you managed to overcome it and if they wish to do the same, they know to look to you for advice.


Sometimes, truth can be ugly, and not enough people pick a stand. There's no polarity if you just sit on the fence, but the fence may not be the truth. Sit on the fence and nobody will know of you, because you fit in. Pick a side and preach your truth and you will gain both haters and loyal fans, but it's better than having no one at all that supports you.

Be confident enough to pick a stand, and people will trust you.


The thing about objection is that you shouldn't make the assumption that you know what are people's objections. It's better to ask your target audience and then make content with regards to how you can dispel their objections.

And this is how you make content to attract your target audience. Note how all these types of content are centred around your target audience. No one really wants to read content that doesn't relate to them and these four are all about relating to them. Try it today.

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