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Usually after watching a video of mine regarding content marketing and personal branding, people will ask me questions with regards to what they should post and how to create content for it. I even did a survey once to 100 over people across the globe to find out their no. 1 struggle in personal branding and 59% of them say that they don't even know what to post about their industry. A second obstacle that they face is that they don't have the necessary skills such as video editing, graphic design or copywriting. However, these aren't really obstacles that you can't overcome. Just do this...

Success Modelling

You see, there are already content out there that are proven to work, go viral or raise engagement. All you have to do is model success. Success modelling is basically looking at content available in the internet by your competitors, or people who are at the stage where you wish you could be. It could be a video on YouTube or a post on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I look at guys like Gary V and Russell Brunson to study their content and specifically pick out those that are popular and engaging. I will take down details from the title and description, right down to the tags and I will try to improve it however I can by adding my own twist to it, such as incorporating my own story.

If I am able to make it 1% better, then I have found my content. Following this direction, I would be able to amass a whole library of content that is proven to work.

If you think this is tiresome and takes a lot of effort, I won't deny and say it isn't. You've got to put in the work. If you can't find the time to do it, however, there is another method.

Keyword Search

You can visit This is a website where if you key in a keyword and click enter, the website will scour Google and come up with headlines that people search for.

For example, if you search for personal branding, they might come up with keywords like:

What is personal branding?

Why personal branding?

How is personal branding important?

You can use the results to create content.


You can also outsource, There is no shame is letting someone do it for you if you think they can value add to your content. Just look for freelancers on Fiverr or you can get someone to success model, keyword search and list out content that they think you should create.

Soon, you will be able to generate unlimited content ideas for your business. This is what I do for my company and it helps add credibility to my business as well. Start working on your personal branding by creating content today.

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