How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Some of you might be familiar with this video from Dan Lok where he talks about getting someone to sell him a random pen. If you haven't watched it, you may be familiar with this scene in Wolf of Wall Street where a character asks someone to sell them a random pen. The concept is simple - they were trying to learn how to sell anything to anyone. This is how I think you can achieve that.


First, you've got to come up with the hook. A hook is something that will grab your attention. Is it that clickbait title? Is it the thumbnail? The caption? Whatever it is, you've got to grab your audience's attention.

There are tons of content out there, whether it's on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Your goal is to make them pause for that one second and have them click on it so they can consume your content.


After grabbing their attention, you've got to retain it. This is the fun part to me, because I love sharing and I believe that people love stories. People are constantly following other people on the internet, in hopes of getting to witness some stories. Storytime videos are available on YouTube. People make threads where they tell stories on Twitter. People love typing long stories on Instagram.

Tell your story, in relation to the product you're selling. Going back to the pen example, if I were to attach a story to a pain that would increase its value, I would probably come up with a story where this pen was the exact brand and type that was used to sign a country's independence. Suddenly, this pen's perceived value is higher.


Now comes another fun part - the offer. You see, you have to understand that your offer is not your product or your service. Your offer is a curated package of everything that comes WITH your product. Take gym memberships for example, people love to sell a one month gym membership and give you three months for free. That's a bad offer, because people can easily model you, and suddenly your offer isn't unique or good anymore.

What if I told you that I would give you a pre-recorded training by three top personal trainers when you sign up for a one-month gym membership, along with a three-meal meal plan for the entire month, and a list of recommended supplements you would need?

This is what I would coin an irresistible offer. All these added bonuses are easy to obtain too and you just need to prepare the material once!

This is how you sell anything to anyone - by using Hook, Story and Offer. What'll really get them is when you bundle things up in your offer, but to get them to see your offer, make sure you've got the hook and the story.

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