The 20 Best Branding Agencies In Singapore

Singapore-based branding agencies create brands to help you succeed. Creating distinctive business advantages for their clients, through a thorough process.

What is Branding?

A female promoting her brand via ads on social media. Branding is the process of communicating positive image to your customers.

Branding is a concept that has been around for ages. However, definitions of branding are still varied.

Branding, according to Oberlo, is “the method of developing a strong, positive perception of a company—together with its products and services—in the minds of the consumers through the use of a combination of branding elements, such as logo, mission statement, and design or packaging, with a consistent theme that was used throughout marketing campaigns.”

Cardinal Digital, defined branding simply, “as to how your consumers think of your business.”

In concurrence,, defined branding, “as all of the techniques that you used to establish an image of your company in the eyes of your customers.”

Simply put, branding is the process of communicating to your customers a positive perception of your product, to gain and retain potential customers.

And staying on top of the customers’ minds is easier said than done, as Forbes found out that it only takes 7 seconds to make a good first impression. That is why ensuring that you are delivering a top-notch product or service is necessary to obtain just that.

However, acquiring a positive first impression is not enough to retain the acquired customers. Being consistent with your brand promise is necessary to gain loyal consumers, who will serve as your brand advocates, and can help you increase brand awareness through word of mouth.

WPForms, in one of its articles, claimed that 62% of customers share online deals with friends, which in turn helps you enhance awareness about your brand.

Thus, branding is not just about your company’s logo, the products, and services you offer, or its accompanying functions and benefits. It is how consumers perceive your brand in their minds, and how they feel about it.

What is the importance of branding?

A female doing instagram marketing for her brand. Her brand is attached as part of this campaign, so it's important.

Branding is not just your company’s identity. It is the one thing that you can use to break through a chaotic market and seize your target market’s attention. Strong branding is what converts first-time customers, into loyal consumers. The one thing that can help you transform an unresponsive audience into brand advocates. Branding is what you need to make an impact and stand out so that your business can succeed.

Branding enhances your products/services recognizability in your chosen industry and consumers, the more clients who relate to your product, the more competitive edge you would have against your competitors.

Branding is also essential for your marketing and promotional activities, as identified activities should be anchored on your brand. because aside from the usual visual representations—logo, design, and brand voice—your brand is the primary value of your company, it is what people experience when they avail of your products/services.

Branding is considered to be one of the most important factors of your business because the positive perception and experience of what you offer are what would lead consumers to be loyal to your brand. In fact,  through the use of proper marketing strategies, branding can help you generate more sales. Having a strong relatable brand can give you that competitive advantage and assure you that it will be the customer's first choice within your industry.

Choosing a Branding Agency in Singapore

A male choosing which cake to choose. a or b? Similar to choosing a branding agency, each agency provides different image and services.

With the pervasiveness of digitalization worldwide, bolstered by the unrelenting mutation of Covid-19, you now have to look into a branding agency that can help you reach your target industry. You must engage the right branding agency, as they will be the one to help you leave an indelible impression on your target audience.

Choosing the right agency for you is crucial, as the cost and time that you will invest, as well as its impact on them your business, are substantial. And there are factors that you need to consider when you are choosing your agency, such as their strategic and people resources, expertise, remuneration structure, location, and rapport with you and previous clients.

Thankfully, Singapore has hundreds of branding agencies that offer just those and more. 

The 20 Best Branding Agencies In Singapore

Below are some of the most recommended, and considered exceptional branding agencies in Singapore.

1. DW Branding Agency

Known as priding themselves to be a little bit different, DW Brand Agency stands out for developing compelling and engaging branding concepts and ideas that are unique. DW offers a complete branding package and can go to you, wherever you are in Singapore. DW also boasts of versatile employees and claims that being flexible is one of its core strengths. The said brand agency has a wide expanse of clients: from the technology sector to Singapore’s tourism industry.

2. DDB Worldwide Singapore

Ranking Number 1 as the most effective marketing agency in Singapore, DDB is also the most awarded Effie agency in the country. DDB’s tagline is “Unexpected Work is a promise and it mainly focuses on innovative marketing, with services including digital innovation, branding, eCommerce, Shopper Marketing, and social media.  

3. Dentsu Aegis Singapore

Dentsu is proud of how it partners with different brands to help them achieve significant growth, as well as how the agency develops world-class solutions and services to help its customers in unlocking new opportunities for their business to continue to grow, and achieve their milestones. Dentsu offers media, creatives, and CXM services.

4. IIE Branding Singapore

For IIE, image is everything, and it commits to serve clients and deliver the best possible results by using innovative and effective programs that bring together publicity campaigns and traditional Public Relations techniques. IIE is also proud of how it nurtures relationships with its customers and tries to sustain them. I promise to maintain your positive image.

5. Global Dot Com

A dynamic agency in Singapore, Global is an incorporated creative agency that offers companies full branding service, that includes web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, brand and marketing, productions, events management, and domain hosting.

6. Adwright Branding Agency

Adwright has been serving satisfied clients for more than 20 years, and it willingly collaborates with clients, including local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to international clients, across a multitude of industries.

Adwright boasts of a holistic experience, that incorporates designing, branding, marketing as well as communications solutions to empower its clients. It works with clients so that, together, they can create a more strategic approach in developing its clients’ brand assets.

7. INKA Creative Agency

The Inka Creative Agency lives by the philosophy of boldness, being detail-oriented, innovative, and professional. They offer strategies that can help your brand reach its limits and achieve greatness. They also boast of being accurate and working in a high-standard environment, and they also work on ideas that are considered out of the box. Its services include brand research, the conduct of communication, and marketing strategies.

8. MIU Creative Agency

Recognizing the importance of visual creatives in telling stories that will. Attract the attention of your potential customers, MIU offers an unlimited design for you. It helps its clients maintain their positive images on all digital platforms, as well as help you gain traffic and improve your brand image with their SEO package.  

9. Delitier & Co Pte Ltd

To capture your audience, Delitier & Co builds a strong brand by focusing on great branding and digital strategy. The agency’s created contents are based on research and data, which resulted in a more impactful campaign. Branding itself as visual communicators, Delitier’s services include branding, social media package, and even direct email so that you will be able to stay connected to your clients.

10. BBH Global (Singapore)

BBH Global started as a creative agency that first started in London. It claims that it is obsessed with ensuring that your brand remains valuable, through “zagging.” Zagging, BBH Global claims is how they change brands and businesses into winners.  It now offers services, such as communications, digital experiences, and transformational brand strategy.

11. The Brand Theatre

For the Brand Theatre, all brands should deliver world-class performances to be able to connect with their potential and loyal customers. Brand Theatre believes that the brand should be innovative, engaging, and strategic to gain clients. The Brand Theatre was able to serve 1,000 brands since 1997.

12. VMW Group

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, VMW Group believes that a crucial point to address the clients’ needs is through the provision of a one-stop-shop solution. Considering itself as a vanguard, the agency is one of’s Top Interactive Design Agencies, which is why it is considered as one of the best agencies in creating unique and innovative, as well as interactive solutions.

13. Grey Agency Singapore

Agency Singapore solves the problem through creativity. It uses data-driven insights as a foundation for its “famously effective” ideas for its clients. Its services include role experience mapping, activation, design, creative strategy, and research and data analytics.

14. SGK Singapore

SGK is a full-package agency, that offers to provide you the idea, as well as guide you through the implementation.  SGK delivers a brand experience that can help you grow your brand stronger.

15. Vantage Branding

Known for delivering integrated marketing and branding solutions, Vantage can help you to uncover your unique story. It can help you create greater relevance and engage more audience. Its services include but are not limited to brand identity, strategy, communications, and brand workshops.

16. Creativeans

An award-winning branding company in Singapore, Creativeans is known to be the first  ISO 9001:2015 and management certified brand consultancy design management and branding company in Singapore, with branches in Milan and Jakarta. Creativeans can help you build a brand that is of importance to you and your customers. The agency is committed to continually do everything they can to improve their capabilities to serve their clients better.

17. Havas Asia Pacific

Also one of the largest communications groups in the world, Havas was founded in 1835. It has more than 19,000 employees located in 100 different countries. Havas believes in meaningful brands and offers services such as advertising, brand design, analytics, and decision sciences, digital commerce, and brand strategy.  

18. The Cresset technologies

Driven by passion Cresset technologies creates vertical content for all your digital marketing requirements. The agency also offers conceptualization to execution, and build up a digital ecosystem so that you can capitalize on your brand.  

19. Elite Biz Hub Pte

Thriving for more than a decade in the strategic management consultancy sector, Elite Biz focuses on SMEs, particularly in Singapore. The agency claims that it is equipped with the capability to address the real-world challenge and can help you immensely, as they immerse themselves in current trends and developments of the sector that you are in.

20. MediaOne

Promising to power you online, MediaOne offers digital marketing services, such as social media marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, online reputation management, and lead generation. MediaOne also boasts of more than 2,000 clients all over the world.   


A male shopping online in a supermarket, smile on his face showing satisfaction on his face. This represents a good branding as it provides a good experience when purchasing.

Branding is what your clients perceive about your brand. It is not just the logos, colors, and themes that are associated with your brand, but the overall experience of your clients when they purchase your products.

As such, it is of the essence for you to look for a branding agency that can help guide you in the creation of your brand identity, and how you want your audience to think of your brand. You need an agency that can help you realize your brand’s essence and how to communicate it well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about branding.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of giving your brand its identity, and ensure that your identity will have a positive perception in the minds of your target audience. It is the image of your business in the minds of your potential and loyal customers.

What do I need to consider in getting a branding agency?

In looking for a branding agency, you need to look for an agency that can help you create a strong brand identity that can convert potential customers into loyal ones, and help you improve your strategies, designs, and the whole ecosystem needed in any type of marketing campaigns.

What are the advantages of getting the services of a branding agency?

A male individual with a check mark inside a shield, showing the advantages of getting a brand agency.

Getting the services of a branding agency can help you immensely, especially with the overly competitive market out there. Hiring a branding agency is beneficial as the agency can help you come up with the right strategy, banking on their years of experience in the market that you want to join. Engaging a branding agency can give you access to their resources and give you new perspectives.

How will I know if a branding agency is right for me?

It is important to find the branding agency that perfectly fits your need, as it will be crucial for your brand to succeed. As such, it is important to find a branding agency that shares your core values. It will also be helpful to find an agency that fits your budget and understand the requirements of your brand. Of course, finding out who their clients are, and how they handled the campaigns is also important, to find out if the agency is a perfect fit for your brand.

How do I engage a branding agency?

In engaging a branding agency, it is first and foremost important to define what you need, and how much are you willing to spend and execute your needs. Conduct research for the reputation of the branding agency you want to engage with and ensure that they provide what you need.

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