What is a Branding Agency and what you should know before you engage them?

Outshining our competitors through a great brand name is of the essence to ensure your success in your business. And sometimes, choosing the best branding agency for you will guarantee success.

What is the Difference Between a Marketing Agency and a Branding Agency?

A female promoting her products online showcasing a marketing agency's help.

Marketing and Branding have been used interchangeably. However, these two concepts have major differences which is the reason why it is important to know where their similarities end, and where their differences begin.

But first things first, we need to define both concepts. Marketing is defined as a process that identifies, anticipates, and satisfies needs through the exchange of products or services. Branding, on the other hand, is defined as how people imagine a product based not only on its physical features but also on its attributes and associations. Branding is actually what makes marketing possible.

In layman's terms, marketing is the vehicle, branding is the fuel. Branding without marketing will not work. Branding only works when coupled with a firm and concrete marketing strategy.

But this is also where the confusion starts, most people don't understand the differences between marketing and branding. What you need to understand is that branding does not precede marketing, for the simple reason that branding is an outcome of marketing. Branding is just one of the components of Marketing. It is not an end in itself. 

However, this does not discount the importance of branding in a marketing campaign. Branding is the memory and perception that a customer has concerning your brand. It helps you leave an impression in the minds of the consumers. It is the one thing that makes people remember your brand over others.

For businesses to succeed, they need to wrap their products or services in the right image. Branding helps them build an image that would help them sell more. Branding is all about creating perceptions; it is the future of marketing.

What does a branding agency do?

A female doing design thinking while planning. This shows that branding agency not only designs but create marketing strategy as well.

According to a study conducted by Stackla, 86% of interviewed customers claim that authenticity is one of the key factors on why they decided to support a particular brand.

Moreover, an article posted by smallbizgenius.net, claimed that around 89% of consumers remain loyal to brands that they relate their values with.

That is why you must hire a branding agency to either create or redesign your brand's identity to match what the 21st-century market requires. Branding agencies handle all aspects of a company, from providing marketing strategy and corporate identity to both online and offline solutions.

A branding agency can help your business achieve its goal. It can help you achieve all these and more by developing a strategy that can only ensure that your brand stays strong even in a competitive environment.

Branding agencies are like the catalyst that moves businesses to attain more growth. Branding gives businesses a face so people can relate to it. Branding agencies work with organizations of all sizes and industry types, from start-ups to billion-dollar brands. Brands need to be understood correctly by their target market for them to grow and branding agencies can help you in this aspect.

What are the services of a branding agency?

A brand agency can help your brand stay relevant even in a competitive environment. They have the experience, expertise, creativity, and knowledge to develop effective branding strategies that will get you closer to your target market or client for sustainable growth.

A brand agency will help you create the Brand Promise and Brand Story for your product or company. It works with you to develop Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, and Brand Personality.

Here are some of the things a branding agency does:

Brand strategy

The brand strategy provides a direction as well as an actionable plan on how to connect with your customer, Brand Promoters, and Brand Advocates. The brand strategy gives you the Brand Promise and Brand Story that resonates with your customer. Brand strategy will help you determine Brand Channel Strategy, Brand Platforms, and your Brand Touchpoints.

Brand Identity

Developing a strong, relevant brand identity is one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Brand identity includes Brand Ambassadors, Brand Messaging and Brand Assets.

Brand Promoters

Brand promoters are the champions of your brand who will promote your product or service to their social media networks, blogs, etc. Brand advocates often start as brand promoters but when they learn more about your product, they become Brand Advocates.

Brand Touchpoints

Brand touchpoints are the physical and digital points of contact between your company and your customer. Brand touchpoints can be outposts, trade shows, and kiosks.

Brand Channel Strategy

Brand channel strategy determines how you will use Brand Touchpoints based on Brand Channels to promote your brand.

Why is it important to use a branding agency?

A male creating a strategy as he goes through the process of completing the puzzle.

Engaging a brand agency will ensure that your brand touchpoints are in line with brand channels and brand mission, as well as create relevant strategies to strengthen your brand, and gain brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is a huge factor when deciding on which brand to use. A recent article posted in smallbizgenius.net claimed that existing customers of a brand are more valuable than potential customers since there is a 60% to 70% chance that an existing customer will purchase your products, while there is only 5% to 20% chance that a new customer will give your product a chance. And brand agencies can provide the marketing strategy needed for full customer satisfaction, brand advocacy, and brand loyalty.

Another important reason why it is essential to hire a branding agency is that because branding agencies can help you clarify and bring to life your brand promise, your brand identity, and your brand personality.

A branding agency can help you connect with your audience and speak directly with them. It can also help you understand the target demographic better – so that you can both create a brand experience that is uniquely yours.

What are the responsibilities of a branding agency?

Branding agencies will have to fulfill the following responsibilities to get the job done.

  1. Brand Strategy - Branding agency is responsible for developing a compelling brand strategy, this can include creating a customized Brand Identity System which your business can use along with your logo to form unique Brand Assets like Brand Name, Taglines, Brand Experience, Brand Voice, and Brand Tone.
  2. Brand Identity - Brand Identity is the Brand Visual System that communicates to your customers about your Brand Values as well as what you do – this is usually done by creating a Brand Name, Slogan, and Tagline for your business. Your Brand Identity System will also be shown on all of your Brand Assets ( Brand Name, Brand Slogan, and Brand Tagline, Brand Logo, Brand Colors, and your Brand Experience)
  3. Brand Voice - Brand Voice is the tone that your brand will use to communicate with customers through Social Media like Facebook Page or Twitter Account. Your Brand Voice should represent who you are, what you do as well as what you want to communicate to your customers or target market. 
  4. Brand Content - Brand Contents are websites and postings that will reach out to your customers so they can easily engage with you on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook Page. Brand Content will also be the blog, Voice Branding Brand Story, Brand Personality, and Brand Knowledge.

What are the benefits of engaging a branding agency?

A male from a branding agency working on the concept, design, and strategy of a brand.

Hiring a branding agency is beneficial for you as it will save you time and energy. In this competitive business world, getting an expert to help you build your brand is an essential step.

Branding agencies will make sure that your brand is consistent and memorable. They can help you build your brand awareness as well as brand loyalty for years to come. These branding agencies will help you strengthen your brand even if you are already established in the market.

Moreover, hiring a branding agency will give you the power to choose from a wide selection of design ideas. This can hugely help you as it streamlines the development process and makes you able to work more creatively.

Branding agencies will also help you recognize your brand through the process of constructing it. Branding by itself is a practice that needs expertise as it includes years of business experience, excellent design skills, great marketing strategies, and most importantly an in-depth knowledge of the client's industry.

Why businesses should hire an online branding agency?

With all of the mentioned benefits, businesses should hire an online branding agency because it would be hard for you to handle online branding on your own, especially if you are a small business. Branding needs to be created correctly and an agency will ensure this process is done right without any problems.

In the online world, the promotion of your brand can go a long way in determining whether you succeed or not in generating sales for your company. Branding also adds value to what you have to offer and it is one of the biggest factors that determine whether or not a customer will buy from your business.

Branding sets prospective customers at ease by giving them the feeling that they are doing business with someone who knows what they are doing and branding also creates confidence as new customers come to you due to referrals from others.

How to go about finding a friendly branding agency

3 customers putting down their testimonials online about the branding agency.

How do you find the right Branding Agency that will help push your business to the next level?

You can search online for branding agencies and check their portfolios. Trawl through what other customers are saying about these agencies. Read articles on branding, marketing, and digital branding. You can also get information from friends, associates, and so on.

Branding is an industry that has grown to be worth billions of dollars and this means that a great many branding agencies are vying for new clients as well as old ones.

If you have something specific in mind, a certain image you want to create, or a vision of how you want your branding agency to look and feel, it is important that you share this with the branding agencies before engaging them because the branding agencies will have to work within these confines. If not, they might end up wasting a lot of time.

Strategies and Tips in engaging a branding agency

There are a lot of branding agencies out there, and engaging the perfect branding agency for you can take a lot of time. What you can do is try to learn more about branding agencies. Some of these branding agencies may have a blog, or even social media accounts that you can follow. Branding agency websites are also another source of information on their experience, what they do, and how you can get in touch with them.

Branding agency clients will also be good sources of information because they will be able to let you know what they think about the branding agency. Branding agencies usually rely on word-of-mouth advertising because this is a very effective way of spreading their name and business.

Although some branding agencies focus on local clients, others have global clients which means that you can find one near you or even engage one from a different part of the world.

Branding agencies specialize in a particular service so you should know what exactly you are looking for before you engage one. You can either search on their website or ask them directly what they offer because this will save both time and money when it comes to working together with your branding agency.

If there is an opportunity for you to visit their offices, it's a good idea to do so. Branding agencies are known for being open and transparent with their clients. You can go there even without an appointment and you'll be able to see how they operate daily. It will also help you make your decision when you have seen everything they have in store for you.

If the brand agency has worked on a similar task, you can ask to see some of their previous work so that you'll be able to compare how they did it and if they can do the same for your business. Branding agencies with experience in what they do will be able to give you feedback on how the brand identity was received.

An expert at creating a unique brand identity for your business, branding agencies can work on the actual design of your logo, retouching your photos, developing your brand guidelines, and most importantly creating a unique signature name for your company.

A branding agency can be an important partner in helping you build a strong visual image that will represent everything about your company and make it more memorable to consumers.

What is a digital branding agency

A branding agency coding and designing a brand's website and platform.

A digital branding agency is a firm that uses the internet to build a brand identity for its clients. Branding agencies will help you with your social media and often design and develop your website and e-commerce platform, among other back-end developments.

Creating a unique branding identity can sometimes be more challenging than it seems. Brand names, logos, and taglines all have to be relevant and memorable to stand out from the competition. This is where branding agencies come in, as they have a team of experts who will help you create a brand that reflects your company's image.

Brand identity is important because it can help people identify your company through sight, sound, taste, and smell. Brand names are one of the most recognizable ways for consumers to recognize your brand.

What are the top branding agencies in the world?

Branding agencies are companies that can help create an image for your company and promote it through their branding services. Some of the top branding agencies in the world are Brand New Brand, The Brand Consultancy, and Brand Union. These companies are among the best in the industry because they have expert branding consultants who will come up with an effective strategy for promoting your brand.


Getting the services of a branding agency is not an easy task. Branding agencies are companies that are very selective in choosing their clients and once you get them, they will become your partner in creating a successful brand.

Branding agencies have the best experts who will put all their expertise to work for you and create effective strategies that will help grow your business. That is why it is important to choose the right branding agency that will provide you with services that are beyond excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the frequently asked questions when it comes to hiring Branding agencies.

What is a branding agency and why is it important to hire one?

A branding agency is defined as a company that offers branding services. Branding agencies offer their clients brand identity, brand development, brand development tools among other branding solutions that will help grow their businesses by creating awareness, increase sales and attract more customers.

It is important to hire a branding agency to grow your business because they have what it takes to design and implement your branding solutions. Branding agencies have a thorough knowledge of branding solutions including, brand identity, digital marketing, etc., thus they are in a better position to implement the right kind of approach that will help grow your business.

Secondly, Branding agencies have access to resources that will be used to create awareness about your brands. These resources include designers, graphic artists, copywriters, and other professionals who will help design your Brand Identity.

Branding agencies are also key in building a strong brand, as they have the tools and skills to build a brand that is unique for your business. Branding agencies also use user-friendly approaches to creating a Brand Identity.

What should I focus on in hiring a branding agency?

In hiring a branding agency, you should look at its experience. Branding agencies with a lot of experience are the ones that can give you the best service. Branding agencies that have worked on different brands and that have dealt with different businesses can help you in creating a strong Brand Identity that will reflect your business.

The Branding Agency should also have great references from their past clients including businesses that are similar to yours. Branding agencies with a good track record can be of great help in creating Brand Identity that will meet your business needs.

What does a brand agency offer?

A brand agency offers branding services. Branding is one of the crucial elements in marketing a business. Branding refers to the way your business is perceived by your targeted market. Branding helps you identify your target market, understand their needs, and create strategies that will help you reach them. Brand Identity is created through branding, and it helps establish an emotional connection with customers.

What services does a branding agency offer?

The services that a branding agency offers include Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Development, Brand Design, Brand Bylaws, and Brand Communications.

Brand Strategy

This involves understanding your bottom line, identifying the target market you wish to reach, and creating a brand that will capture their attention and establish an emotional connection.

Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity Development is developing the logo of the company in an attractive manner and easy-to-read fonts.

Brand Design

Brand Design involves designing the website by your Brand Identity to create an amazing first impression on potential customers, which in turn creates trust among them.

Brand Bylaws

Brand Bylaws are policies and procedures that help the management team act consistently when communicating with employees and customers.

Brand Communications

Brand Communications is all about ensuring that the correct message has reached the target audience. Brand communications at times become more important than the product itself.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring is about maintaining consistency in all your Branding and Marketing efforts so that you don't miss a single chance to market yourself. Brand monitoring comprises Brand Awareness, Brand recall, and brand perception.

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